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Beds for Camping, Travel and Leisure

Camping Beds are an easy, space effective way of providing an added level of comfort whilst camping. We think that a good nights sleep on any kind of trip is crucial, and anyone with camping experience will vouch that a bad nights sleep greatly affects the ability to enjoy your trip!

Things to Consider when Choosing a Bed:

When finding a camping bed that's just right for you, you'll want to consider the following:

  1. What size bed do you need? (Make sure it's smaller than your tent size!)
  2. If it is inflatable how does it inflate? (Self inflating, pump etc.)
  3. What is the packing size?

To enjoy a great nights sleep, you'll need to make sure that you know the size of bed to keep you comfortable, but you'll want to ensure that the bed will fit inside the dimensions of your tent, and that there's still enough room to move around once it's inflated or erected.

You'll also want to double check the packing size, to ensure that it won't be too large to carry.

Why should I use a Camping Bed?

We all know that sleeping straight on the floor of a tent is not very comfortable - the ground can be hard and bumpy, meaning you have to keep moving throughout the night to keep comfortable. A camping bed is the best solution to that.

Camping beds are inflatable beds that keep you off the ground, allowing you to have a good nights sleep, leaving you well-rested for the following day.

Camping beds also have other practical uses:

  • Children's Sleepovers
  • Guests
  • Festivals

They can be used for childrens sleepovers or when you have guests come to stay in the house - they're easy to inflate, and can be packed away very quickly.

A camping bed is an easy, durable and space effective way to provide you with an added level of comfort whilst camping, they have a great reputation and are also known to be very good value for money.