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Extra Wide Sleeping Bags

For years there have been two basic styles of sleeping bags: mummy bags and rectangular bags. While the former are easily packable and ideal for treks, their size limits your movement. The latter provide ample room, but are bulky to pack.

Ample pod shaped space

This hybrid Sleeping Pod Sleeping Bag is the latest shape on the market and it is proving to be ideal for camping, festivals, and even cool weather backyard sleepovers. It has all the features and benefits of the mummy bag but it gives you ample room to wiggle everything from your toes to your ears.

Size-wise, the Extra Wide Bags are half as wide as they are long. They retain the slightly curved shape of the mummy bags, which helps eliminate excess airspace. This helps to keep you warm by reducing the amount of air around your body, leaving less for your body to warm up as an insulating layer. And, while they are fun and colorful, don’t let their uniqueness lead you to believe that they aren’t warm.  These bags are designed with the same features as top end sleeping bags.

The exteriors are constructed from a variety of synthetic polyester fabrics several of which have been given a DWR finish. DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent and this treatment helps water to bead into droplets, which easily shed from the surface of your sleeping bag.  This soft exterior shell is wrapped around hollow fibre insulation that helps retain heat next to your body. Baffled, sewn-through construction helps to keep all the layers from shifting so that no matter how much you roll around during the night, you’ll still be warm.

Extra wide and well insulated

Most of the extra-wide bags are rated for 2-seasons which makes them the perfect pick for spring and summer camping.  If you are traveling to colder climates or heading out for a late Autumn camping trip, you may want to look at the sleeping bag suits we offer.  The descriptions for the extra wide bags include temperature ratings so that you’re able to make the choice that is right for your camping needs.

Much like their mummy counterparts, the bags feature wind baffles along the zippers to keep drafts at bay.  A ridge hood, on several models, also keeps cool air out and warm air in. Additionally, it helps to hold your pillow in place.  A small security pocket holds small valuables close – it’s ideal for festivals.

The several different models we offer have slightly different details. For instance, the Skandika bags feature either left or right side zips so that you are able to choose the side, which works best for you. Not sure which side and traveling with your partner? Buy one of each and zip the bags together for the ultimate in camping comfort. It’s like a cocoon for two.

You don’t have to be a diehard mountaineer to enjoy the outdoors. The extra wide sleeping bags provide all the comfort you’ll need from cold while also giving you that extra comfort that you might otherwise miss while camping.  So, if the mummy bag seems just a bit too constricting, and a rectangular bag takes up too much room, the extra wide sleeping bag is the perfect choice!