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Kids Backpacks

When we go camping there is always the inevitable debate about what the kids can and can’t take along with them. This normally results in a compromise and then a struggle to pack extra toys and activities to keep the children entertained in your own personal bag – which leads to the realisation – your kids need their own kid packs. Our kids packs comparison has all of the latest trends and ensures you checkout at the cheapest price!

Kids Backpacks – Practical and Fun

The first thing you will notice about kid packs is that they are made a little stronger because designers are well aware they may get thrown, knocked or bumped about in the process of being used. Many of them also come in a range of bright colours to make sure your children can differentiate between backpacks and wear them with pride. The last thing kids want is a backpack that looks old and boring.

Kids packs are often designed with a more fun spirit, but they don’t sacrifice on functionality. They are waterproof which is great for rainy weather (and inevitable spills) and they are easy to use which is fantastic for the youngest children. One of the most important features is that they are designed to distribute weight evenly and safely across your young one’s shoulders.

Features and Functionality

Kids packs are multi-purpose packs and they can be used in all manner of settings. Our favourite adventure ideas that kid packs can be used in are;

    •    Camping and outdoor adventures with plenty of room for clothes, sleeping bag and marshmallows for the open fire.
    •    Water sports and hiking, with room for equipment, fun camping accessories, tools and games to keep them occupied while you catch your breath.
    •    Vacations – kids packs are great for hand luggage when travelling overseas.

Kids packs can also be used for winter sports holidays, beach days and school trips. They are so useful and provide plenty of storage for all manner of things. Just make sure they clean them out after each use!