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Electric Scooters for all ages

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are all the rage this year, with many toy experts forecasting continuing bumper sales as parents look to kit their kids out with the very latest accessory. The electric scooters are proving to be the coolest and the most on-trend product to own in 2012 with sales already reaching staggering highs. In fact, it is believed that if sales continue as they are, they will become one of the best selling kids' products for the last few years. Impressive.

One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is the fact that they appeals to kids of all ages. For instance, from age 8 and upwards, there is an electric scooter for every child, with the 300 electric scooter being the upper model and the ultimate street transport. Available in super cool blue or silver, the latter can reach speeds of up to 15mph and can go for forty minutes without having to be charged up.

Young teens are also bound to enjoy all the impressive features that these scooters possess. The 300 version, for instance, boasts 10" pneumatic tyres, a chain driven motor, twist grip acceleration control, and 12 hours battery charge time. If you have a younger child that is keen to own one of these popular products, they, too, will not be disappointed.

As well as the scooters coming in a range of vivid colours and looking the part, they are also a viable and comfortable mode of transport for kids who simply want to nip round to their friend's houses or get from a-b. For example, the extra wide tyres that all models offer provide a smooth ride and they are guaranteed to go for miles without needing a charge. The bottom of the range model still manages to reach speeds of up to 10mph and is also built with sturdiness in mind.

Every single electric scooter, whether it be the slowest or the fastest product, will prove to be a great buy. They are built with high standards and quality in mind and are also worth every single penny in terms of the amount of usage and amount of fun that can be had.