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Holdall and Duffle Bags

Holdall and duffle bags are one of the most popular bag types for both campers and non-campers alike. With plenty of room and lots of versatility it is no wonder these are a firm favourite. We have sourced the best, most spacious and most robust holdalls and duffle bags to give you an unrivalled holdall and duffle bags comparison.





Holdall and Duffle Bags – Versatile Designs

Holdalls are typified by their large blocky and rectangular design which make them perfect bags for carrying bulky equipment, camping gear, clothing and even food and provisions. Holdalls aren’t exclusive to the camping scene though and many people own them for carrying gym gear and for hand luggage when travelling overseas. Infinitely practical and of sturdy design, the holdall bag is a must have bag for any self-respecting camper.

Duffle bags are much the same as holdall bags although there tends to be a bit more of a focus on ease and convenience in the design of duffle bags. Portability and the flexibility to carry plenty are all important aspects of both the holdall and duffle bag’s design with a less blocky design employed for duffle bags. Duffle bags are practical, lightweight and convenient making them perfect for travel and adventures.

Holdall and Duffle Bags – Functionality and Features

Holdall and duffle bags are very simple in functionality, created with the express purpose of carrying a lot of weight around safely. The straps and handles are all made to help you lift and carry weight conveniently in your hand without causing yourself an injury. Their rectangular design allows more storage space because they tend to have larger surface areas than backpacks.

You may notice if you own a larger tent that it comes in a holdall/duffle bag style bag, again this is because this style of bag is especially good at transporting bulky equipment. This functionality makes holdall and duffle bags the perfect camping companion.

Holdall and Duffle Bags Comparison on Planet Camping

Finding the right holdall or duffle bag can be tricky, especially when there are so many to choose from and all of them varying wildly in price. That is why we have created a comparison site to enable you to easily find all your favourite camping brands in one place. Better still, we source multiple sellers too, meaning when you have found your ideal brand, you can compare the prices using our holdall and duffle bags comparison.
At Planet Camping we want to give our customers access to the best camping products at the lowest possible prices, it is what makes our camping comparison site so unique!