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Sleeping Bags for Kids

We are passionate about the outdoors and even more so about getting our kids outside and away from digital distractions of daily life. We believe that kids deserve to have the same quality of gear that adults use. Our selection of sleeping bags gives you many options all of which are as functional as they are fun.



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Which kids sleeping bag to choose

When choosing a correct sleeping bag for your child, think of the same qualities that you’d look for in one for yourself: temperature, type of trip, and style.

If you have children who are more likely to run around the campfire chasing lightening bugs than curl up and fall asleep, then the Kids Selk’bag Sleeping Bag Suits are the ideal choice. Not only will they be warm and dry with polyester loft filling and DWR-coated fabric, they will have complete freedom of movement. The latest Selk’bags even allow them to wear their own shoes for maximum traction.

If you are more of a traditionalist then you’ll want to look at either a rectangular or mummy styled sleeping bag. Both have the same basic shapes and qualities as the adult versions constructed in sizing appropriate for children. The biggest difference will be the warmth factor.

Because a mummy bag is cut so that it conforms to the body shape, it will keep you warmer. It does this by reducing the amount of air in the bag so that your body heat easily warms it. These bags are ideal for cooler temperatures.

On the fipside, the construction of a more traditional rectangular sleeping bag allows for more airflow in warmer temperatures. Additionally, because the zipper is on two sides of the bag, the kids can even unzip them and use them as comforters rather than snuggling inside.

Important for your child to get a good nights sleep

The Selk’bags and mummy bags take up the least amount of room if storage of your camping kit is important. And they are the best option if your camping trip will also involve trekking, because as parents, you know you’ll end up carrying the majority of the kids’ gear.

Finally, but certainly not less important, is the colour and design. Kids will be more enticed to get that good night’s rest if they are wrapped up in a sleeping bag that they find fun. We feature many colors and styles, from stars, to spaceships, to outdoor critters, one of which is sure to delight your little ones.