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Treksta Footwear

New to the UK, Treksta are an exciting brand who continually research to produce high performance comfortable footwear for all activities and conditions. Please take a look at the different technologies used in production.

Whether you are planning a day hike or a multi-day adventure, you’ll need appropriate footwear. Footwear that is not cut out to handle the rigors of a variety of terrain will leave your feet sore and blistered. Planet Camping UK features the trekking footwear from Treksta, a company that prides itself on continual product testing and research.  Their dedication to developing the best-fitting footwear has led to several unique technological developments as well as several awards.

We have several styles of shoes available from the high collared Treksta Jotunheim GTX to the lighter weight Hands Free 103 GTX Performance Shoe. The Jotunheim features more support and is ideal for longer hikes with a heavier pack. It is a more traditionally styled hiking shoe. However, if you really like to move quickly and prefer day trips and a lighter pack, the Hands Free 103 GTX may be more your style. Both these models as well as others we offer are designed with Treksta’s technology to provide the optimal shoe, regardless of your destination.

Shock absorption for all terrains with Treksta

Trails can be rough and rocky. Without proper cushioning between the soles of your feet and the ground, your soles and soul will feel battered and bruised. Treksta uses I.S. Technology that provides necessary shock absorption by creating an outer sole designed as a series of lugs that are able to react to the forces on the ground. For instance, if you step on an irregular object, the lugs absorb the impact by moving upward – similar to how a spring contracts.  By utilizing technology that responds to the terrain constant pressure on your foot is minimized. An additional advantage is that the lugs conform to the ground providing more traction.

With this ward winning Independent Suspension Technology the cushioning within the shoe protects the body's joints and spine providing extra protection on any terrain.

Nestfit Technology

While feet have a general “shape,” no two are identical. To ensure that their hiking shoes fit as many people as possible, Treksta created NESTFIT shoe production technology. Using a 3D scanner, the individual contours and curves of over 20,000 feet were scanned and contour maps were created. While they don’t have 20,000 sizes of shoes, Treksta has a valuable map that tells them how the bones perform and how they are best supported. This technology allows them to produce footwear that fits without being restrictive; it allows the foot to move naturally within the confines of the frame of shoe. It is estimated that the NESTFIT design reduces pressure on your foot by 23 percent while also diminishing muscle fatigue by an astonishing 31 percent. Imagine how far you could hike if your feet were 31 less tired!


NESTFIT is different to any other shoe.

Treksta Icelock Hypergrip

Treksta are continually researching to make even better improvements, so much so that they wanted to improve the Icelock sole and this is when the Hypergrip Icelock technology was born. A new more durable sole shape was created and micro-glass filaments were scientifically aligned in the rubber compound creating a safe non slip surface tension on wet or frozen ground.

Ultra Hyperfoam comfort while running

Once the NESTFIT technology is utilized to create the proper shape for the shoe, the midsoles are formed using Treksta’s Ultra Hyperfoam. Even the best fitting shoe isn’t comfortable without some padding and the Ultra Hyperfoam adds volume that not only adds protection, it also gives the shoes a glove-like fit.  Aiding in the comfortable fit is Ortholite open cell polyurethane foam. The open cells in this padded material allow air to circulate throughout the shoes and help to wick moisture away from your feet to keep them dry.  This helps to further alleviate hot spots and the potential for blisters.

GORE-TEX XCR complete waterproof protection

Finishing off the shoes is the Treksta’s GORE-TEX XCR fabric.  With pores that are 20,000 smaller than a water droplet but 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapor, water is kept out while perspiration is allowed to escape.  The XCR fabric is even more breathable than traditional GORE-TEX, which is a bonus on hot, humid summer days. Additionally, an oleophobic  (oil-repelling) treatment is added to the GORE-TEX XCR. This ensures it remains waterproof even if it comes into contact with insect repellents or body oil offering 25% increased moisture protection compared to the regular Gore-Tex materials keeping feet warm and dry during all activities and weathers.

Zerotie - hands free lacing

New form Treksta is the exciting first award winning HANDS FREE LACING SYSTEM. Zerotie - hands free lacing, is ideal for hikers who have difficulty bending down to tie laces. They are also perfect for those who don’t wish to remove their rucksack to tighten their shoes. This award-winning system allows the shoes to tighten with a slight backward motion of the heel. Releasing the laces is just as simple with a step onto the buckle located at the back of the heel. Fast and simple!

Boa Lacing System

For those who prefer a more traditional system, the Boa Lacing System, originally seen in cycling shoes, has found its way into trekking wear. This system utilizes a series of wires wrapped around ratcheting “knobs” to tighten the shoe. Because the entire system is, literally, interlaced with a single wire, shoes tighten evenly and pressure points and hot spots are eliminated.