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Camping Lights

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Lights For Camping

Outdoor holidays are perfect in daylight, we love them, but unfortunately the sun has to go down at some point! So, it’s time to retreat to the tent, but your tent is going to get dark when the sun goes down – and we mean really dark. We’ve all been there, fumbling around after the moon comes out, trying to find our toothbrush somewhere in that tent or even worse still, that dreaded pitch black trip to the toilets! It’s not a lot of fun without the right equipment. Luckily for you, Planet Camping is here to help and has a whole range of lighting solutions on offer.

Think about it - getting a decent light means you will never have to go through that fumbling stress again. In fact, if you are leaving your tent or campervan in the dark then a powerful LED light really is an indispensable item. Don’t miss out on vital camping equipment – get prepared with the right kit.

Everlasting light for the outdoors

And that’s just it – we have the right kit for you. With one of our torches you are guaranteed to have powerful light while camping. Why wouldn’t you want to see what you’re up to out there? Don't let your enjoyment get brought to an end just because the sun disappears. You're going to want your shared area lit up into the evening, whether it be with a light for the tent,  something to hang from the canopy or just to brighten up the awning.

Our selected range of lights are the highest standard in outdoor equipment, because our passion is ensuring you get the best products. You can simply read our descriptions of them to find the right one for you, within your personal camping budget. Here at Planet Camping, we’re more than aware how expensive gearing up for the outdoors can be.

It’s not just about torches

We love a good torch – even if that does make us sound like massive camping nerds - and you should too. They truly are a camping holiday necessity.

But why just have a head torch or handheld torch when you could also have a lantern or tent accessory to fill your space with as much light as possible?! We list a really wide selection of tent lights, wind up chargers and multi-use lights so that you have as much light as physically possible without electricity in your tent! So embrace the 21st century and think outside the box or more realistically the battery operated camping lights. Solar and led camping lights have become ever more popular and for good reason!

Camping lights should also be more than just a practical thing as well, they should be fun! Multi-coloured camping lanterns such as the one from LuminAID are great for at a festival or injecting some colour around the tent. They are a welcome addition to any party scenario and everyone will love them!

Let there be light

We couldn’t resist that one. But seriously, you should have one. It’s all about your safety at the end of the day. Stay safe and get the right kit for your trip - even the most adventurous, experienced explorers out there can’t see in the pitch black darkness, after all. We guarantee you’ll find something that fulfills your needs here, stay safe campers!