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Men's Running Vests

Whether you're working hard for a marathon or you prefer a short run in the morning to kickstart your day, a running vest is the perfect accompaniment for your running session.

There are four main features you should consider when purchasing a vest:

  1. Weight
  2. Add-ons (pockets etc.)
  3. Comfort
  4. Budget

The weight of a vest is very important - it's up to you to decide whether you're looking for additional weight or whether you want something as light as possible so it doesn't slow you down. You'll also want to think about whether you require pockets, zips, compartments etc for storing your items whilst you run & some vests come with the option for a hydration pack.

Comfort is essential to consider - you don't want to purchase a vest that doesn't fit correctly or doesn't adjust - as this could cause discomfort if it begins to rub when you sweat.

Finally, budget is important too. Lots of running vests are very affordable but it all depends on the specific requirements for your running style.

How can I ensure that the running vest will fit?

Running is a very demanding activity, especially if you're focusing on speed or long distance - ensuring that your running vest will fit correctly is essential for a comfortable fit and effective running session. Once you have decided on a vest, you'll want to try it on and make sure that the weight is distributed evenly - most vests have adjustments at the sides and on the shoulders so you can play around with these until you find the most comfortable setting.

If your vest causes pain in the shoulders or back, then it's likely that it doesnt fit you correctly or you have not adjusted it appropriately. You should test this before you head out on your first run. If the vest bounces up and down a lot when you run, you will need to change the adjustments until this no longer happens.

You should take a measurement of your chest and match this with the size chart for the vest for the best fit - there are also women specific vests which will provide a more comfortable fit to a woman's body.

How do I choose the right weight pack/vest?

Running vests come in all different shapes, sizes and weights. If you're looking for a lightweight pack for your run, you'll want to opt for mesh type material and small zips, buckes and straps. If you're able to handle a heavier pack - you can then start to look at vests which include hydration packs and storage as this means you'll be carrying your water supply as well as essentials such as your mobile phone, and these of course, will all add weight to the vest.