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Men's Clothing and Equipment for Running

Whether you're training to run a marathon or if you just prefer a relaxed run before work - it's always more effective and enjoyable when you've got the appropriate clothing and gear to take with you. It might come down to a comfortable pair of running trainers, or perhaps you'd like to go the next step and purchase a handy running vest to enhance your work-out.

To make sure you get the best out of your run, you'll want to consider breathable clothing specifically designed to keep you cool and other add-ons like a hydration pack will stop you from getting thirsty on the go.

Training for a marathon?

This is the serious stuff! If you're running a marathon, you'll certainly require the right gear if you want to do it comfortably. An appropriate pair of running shoes/trainers will be essential - because once your feet hurt, you'll find it a struggle to continue. Your comfort when running even comes down to the small things, like the socks you wear...

Running in the warm weather?

If you like to run even through the summer months, we know it can be more of a struggle when the sun is beaming down. Most running clothing is made from very breathable and versatile fabric which provides moisture wicking systems. This reduces sweat and keeps you dry as you run.

You can also purchase a running vest which includes a hydration pack to keep you refreshed. With one of these, there's no need to stop and unscrew the bottle lid to take a drink - hydration packs keep you on the go by providing a straw which simply unhooks from the vest and goes straight to your mouth.