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Kids Bikes

When it comes to shopping for a bike for your kids, it can be a bit of a minefield – you’ve got sizes, you’ve got different types (road, mountain, hybrid) and you’ve got different features to consider. There’s also the future-proofing element, because you need to buy a bike that is a safe size for them to ride for now but will also grow with the children for a year or two!

If you’ve struggled with these questions and decisions, worry not because we’ve got all the advice you’ll need when it comes to choosing the right kids bike.

What kind of bikes are suitable for kids?

There are kid’s versions of all types of bike – they’re just scaled down, smaller versions. For younger kids who aren’t yet able to pedal, there’s a balance bike. For the children who are looking to graduate from balance bikes to a pedal bike, there are bikes available with detachable pedals, so they can be added when needed. There are bikes without gears and bikes with gears.

Generally speaking, most kid’s bikes are versions of mountain bikes, which gives them the most variety and comfort.

How do I know what size bike to buy for my child?

There are various online guides to a child’s bike size. They tend to be very accurate for the different ages and heights. If you look on the guides you get a good gauge of the size you’ll need. There are also apps available from some companies to help you decide on the size you’ll need.

Are kid’s bikes adjustable?

Absolutely – just like you can adjust the saddle height and the handlebar position on an adult bike, you can also do the same on a kid’s bike. If you buy a bike that your child is only just big enough for, it’ll last longer because you’ll have room for them to grow into the bike.

How much do kids bikes cost?

There’s a range of prices when it comes to kid’s bikes. You can pick up a balance bike for less than £40. For something more substantial with better components, you’ll be paying £250-£400. These would be excellent quality bikes though – they’ll last well and will be capable of a lot of mileage.

Should I buy my child a bike with gears?

This largely depends on their ability. If they’re a confident cyclist, a bike with gears is a great way to develop their cycling and give them the chance to ride in more challenging terrain. If your child is just starting to ride a bike, providing them with gears may be a bit distracting and overwhelming.

Are boys and girls bikes different shapes?

No, the same shape will be suitable for both sexes. When you look at our range the geometry of the bikes is largely similar and the differences can be found in colours and set ups. There’s no difference in boys or girls shaped bikes though.

Kids bikes… All you need to know

Whilst there can seem like an overwhelming series of choices with kid’s bikes, the reality is it comes down to a few important things – getting the right type, the right size, whether you choose gears and how much growing room there is in the bike. Once you’ve got these right, it’s just a matter of picking the one that suits your taste and budget!