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Dry Bags

We all love camping and we all love taking all our tech with us which is where our dry bags comparison comes in. Dry bags are watertight containers, pouches or bags that allow you to take your phone, camera, tablets and laptop out on your adventures. With a dry bag, you will never miss an Instagram opportunity or the chance to update your Facebook, whatever activity you’re doing.

Dry Bags – Versatile Designs

There are many different functions and features for dry bags (see below) so they come in a whole array of different shapes, sizes and materials. Some are complete camping bag sets designed to keep everything you pack dry which is particularly useful if you’re kayaking and camping along the way. Other dry bags are smaller, and some are pocket sized, designed to protect your phone or camera.
Our dry bags comparison features a full range of dry bags, with a whole range of materials. You will normally find dry bags are made of a combination of plastic lined fabric, plastic coated or non-plastic waterproof fabric. Some are designed so that they can also be used as a waterproof liner for your favourite rucksack. Some are designed with ease of access in mind, allowing you to open them easily and grab the camera for that all-important selfie whereas others are not as easy to access on the go.

Dry Bags – Functionality and Features

There are so many things you can use dry bags for, we have chosen our favourite functions;

    •    Storage of tech whilst partaking in water sports such as canoeing, kayaking and rafting.
    •    Great for keeping clothing dry when camping in humid or damp conditions.
    •    Brilliant for winter sports, allowing you to pack tech while you hit the slopes.

There are of course so many other ways that you can use dry bags, they’re incredibly diverse storage solutions and they’re excellent at keeping whatever you store dry.

Some of the main features you will notice on dry backs are that they have a watertight seal at the opening. This seal prevents water from getting in at the point where a traditional bag has little protection.

Camping and carrying sensitive items shouldn’t be a hope and pray risk and dry bags provide an excellent failsafe to protect your fragile tech. They could also be a godsend, keeping you safe by providing dry clothes in adverse or wet weather conditions and in this respect, a dry bag could be the difference between life and death.

Dry Bags Comparison on Planet Camping

Our camping comparison gives you all your favourite brands and products and compares the prices, meaning you can pick your dry bag and check out at the cheapest price in a couple of clicks. Try it now.