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Electric Bikes For urban and Mountain Biking

The range of electric bikes has exploded over the last five years. The rise of the electric bike has meant more and more people can get outside and explore the countryside on two wheels. It’s also a great leveller – you can cycle with your more experienced cyclist friends without getting left behind!

The key to finding the right electric bike lies in doing a little research. We’ve put together the following information in answer to some commonly asked questions when it comes to choosing the right electric bike.

Can electric bikes be used manually?

Yes. You can cycle along just fine without the additional help of the battery. The amount of assistance you are given from the battery can be adjusted easily, so if you are going downhill or flat, you can take no assistance and instead, save it for the uphill sections. Also, if the battery runs out you can still ride it like a normal bike, so you won’t be stranded.

Do you need a licence for an electric bike?

No, but you have to be at least 14 to ride one legally on a UK road. The speed you can travel at on battery power alone is limited to 15.5 mph but, to put this in perspective, this is two to three times faster than a mobility scooter.

How long does the battery last?

Obviously this depends on usage – if you are using it all of the time, up hills and the like, the battery life will be reduced. If you use it sparingly, it’ll last a lot longer. Expect to get 25-100 miles from the bike, depending on the quality of the battery and how you’re using it.

How much do electric bikes cost?

As with anything, there is a range when it comes to cost depending on what you want. As a guide, expect to pay £700-£900 for an entry level electric bike, £1000 - £4500 for a mid-range bike and £5000 and above for something with a lot of features, a great battery and made from stronger, lighter materials.

How do you charge an electric bike?

Your electric bike battery will come with a charger that plugs into your mains electricity supply. A full charge typically takes around 4-6 hours and will cost between 5-10p depending on electricity prices. You can charge the bike battery on or off the bike.

Which types of bike are electric?

You can buy an electric bike to suit most cycling needs. There are very good quality electric mountain/off-road bikes, hybrids that can be used for commuting and a little off-road riding, electric road bikes for longer road rides and there are even electric folding bikes. The technology has improved so it has spread across the bike ranges.

Electric bikes – the great leveller!

The great thing about electric bikes is that they level the playing field for cycling. If you’ve previously avoided going out with friends because you struggled to keep up, you’ve now got a bit of help to ride as fast as the group.

They’re perfect for families too – young children will find it easy to keep up with parents, and parents will be able to keep up with their older children!

Electric bikes are a fantastic way to help more people enjoy the pleasures of cycling. Take a look at our range and pick your perfect bike.