Electric Bikes

Cycling has been rising in popularity and that’s good news for those wanting to stay fit and healthy - it’s also been good news for cycling shops, especially those that sell electric bikes. This new introduction to the world of cycling has been steadily rising in popularity. You may well enjoy going on a cycle ride but not too long a distance as it can be a tiring experience, but electric bikes make that experience a lot less difficult.

You will still be helping your health but why go out and exhaust yourself, so what’s not to love about going out and buying one. What is an Electric Bike? You might think that an electric bike is a new introduction to cycling. Well, as far back as 1895 there were electric motors being fitted to bicycles. They didn’t catch on though due to the short distance that they could travel, and the weight of the battery involved. Then in 1991, the lithium-ion battery was invented, and that weight problem was eased.

The electric bike differs from a regular one because it has an electric motor and battery attached to it. The motor will assist in the power that is being generated when you are riding along the road. This will ease the amount of work that you have to do but don’t worry, the act of cycling will still be helping improve your health. It is possible for you to alter the power mode, so this enables you to determine just how much assistance the electric motor gives you. It’s the best of both worlds really. Reduce the power level for the first part of a long ride and reap the health benefits. Then for the rest of a long journey, up that power.

The battery is the provider of the power that the electric motor generates. You will need to charge it though just like you do the one in your mobile phone. A regular three-pin socket will do the job for you. Most electric bikes will supply you with between 25 to 100 additional miles. You can charge it at home, at a garage or your workplace. Just ensure that you have enough power for your planned ride. Once the power runs out, you are back to riding on a normal bicycle and all the hard work of pedalling is down to you.

Electric Bikes are heavier too thanks to the presence of the motor and battery, so make sure it is charged. Most electric bikes have a 36V battery and this will take around four hours to reach 100% power. Thankfully, the running costs of electric bikes is relatively low. If you are charging the battery at home, it’s around 5-10p to charge the battery from 0-100%.

The Legality of an Electric Bike

Not everyone can ride an electric bike. In the UK, you can ride one on the roads if aged at least 14 years old. In terms of the speed, you can travel at, it’s no more than 15.5mph. That’s still a decent speed though and journey times will be reduced.

Making Cycling more Accessible

The introduction of electric bikes has been good news for those who might feel they are unable to go cycling. With the ability to use the electricity to take the pressure of yourself, they are of great assistance to those who aren’t as fit as they used to be. Those who are elderly or have health problems can use the electric bikes to get back on the road.

If you are using cycling to improve your health, purchasing an electric bike can help you. At first, you can go on short rides and perhaps increase the power mode after a while. It’s also very helpful when you are going up hills, always a difficult task even for the healthiest of cyclists. What might be an energy sapping slow ride up a hill will, thanks to the electric battery, be made a lot easier. Perhaps those in the Tour De France might fancy one when making their way up a mountain.

Barriers are there to be taken down and in terms of health, electric bikes can help you. This article has mentioned the fact that electric bikes can help you extend the length of your journey. That can be of great use if you don’t live near a safe cycle route. Now you have the help that can get you there without wearing you out. As the great Larry Grayson used to say, “I’m worn out before I start.” Well, he wouldn’t have been if he’d bought an electric bike. Having that additional power is also helpful if you have packages or bags on board. That additional weight need not slow you down or make it more stressful as you make your way along the road. The cost of Electric Bikes There are several different types of electric bikes available to buy. There are hybrid and folding bikes, very handy for all you commuters out there.

Those of you who have rather more ambitious plans than a short ride or getting to work can purchase an off-road/mountain electric bike. If you are going to be carrying heavy loads, then an e-cargo bike is the ideal purchase. In terms of cost, electric bikes can be purchased from as little as £500.

If you want the best on the market, then you will be expecting to spend at least £3,500. Buy the one that best suits the purpose for which they are to be used.

Maintenance of Electric Bikes

Maintenance is always an important part of owing a bicycle. With electric bikes, the amount of maintenance required isn’t greatly increased. You will need to look after the motor and battery but that’s not going to be a difficult task. When you purchase your electric bike, have a chat with the retailer not just about maintenance but about issues such as a warranty for the electrical elements of the bike.

The Future of Electric Bikes

There is a growing number of retailers who now sell electric bikes, as the market grows, more are inevitably going to appear. Bosch estimate that in time, one in three bikes sold in Central Europe will be of the electric variety. Electric bikes are here to stay.

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