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Beds, Mats & Pillows

So now you've got your tent and your sleeping bag, you're all set right? Well slow down one minute! Whilst that duo are essential before you head to the great outdoors, what about having complete comfort while sleeping to make your trip all the more enjoyable.

After a long day exploring outside, you're going to want your tent to be as comfortable as possible to get that much needed rest. So why not take a look at our range of products with just that in mind!

Why might I use an inflatable camping bed?

Inflatable camping beds are for many an invaluable part of their camping equipment kit. They are an easy, space effective way of providing an added level of comfort whilst camping. Anyone with any camping experience will vouch that a bad nights sleep will put a serious dampner on your spirits.

Airbeds are just the remedy if you normally come back from a camping trip having not slept properly. They keep you off the floor and provide a soft and bouncy surface that you can enjoy throughout the night.

These mattresses come in a variety of options so whether you need a single for yourself or the deluxe option for you and partner, our range of products is sure to have what you're after

What about an inflatable pillow?

Much like the camping airbeds, the inflatable pillows will provide that added bit of a comfort without compromising on space in transit.

Not only are these much more compact than your pillow off your bed, they also wont fall victim to the damp like a normal pillow may.

Why else might I buy an inflatable camping bed or Pillow?

All the inflatable products have a great reputation and are also known to be extremely good value for money. They are also strong and durable and can be used in a range of circumstances. All of the products can be rolled up tightly and stored away easily too; making them ideal for transportation.

They don't just come in handy for camping trips either; they are also extremely popular to have in the house for a sleepover. You can simply get them out of the wardrobe and within minutes you can blow them up and get them ready to be slept on.

Roll up and air beds can provide that all important barrier between the ground and yourself, providing a level of comfort that will soon become indispensable.

They are especially popular with festival goers too who enjoy being able to carry them around with very little effort and similarly being able to roll them up and put them away when they've finished with them. A good night's sleep is what is important to everyone and can often effect how we behave and interact throughout the following days. Nobody enjoys being around a crabby camp mate so don't let it be you! 

Many people also use them when guests stay over as they are quick to roll out and even quicker to put away which means in terms of effort - there really is nothing to set up. The ease of how quickly a bed can be put together and then put away again has formed part of the roll up mattress popularity and is now the reason for many people going out and buying them.

Air beds meanwhile tend to be best used at the campsites. Be it with a self included pump, a foot pump or an electronic pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car and does all the work for you. They are easy to inflate and similarly deflate and can then be packed away to a small and easy-storing size.

Both are also great for general use for around the house, so if you've got guests or the kids are having a sleepover they provide a great extra space for someone to rest their head.

It's not just beds however that will add to the cosiness. Our specialist camping pillows provide the comfort you crave without compromising your space. The same goes for our camping mats. If you want that extra barrier between your sleeping bag the floor, without bringing bed with you then these are ideal. Be it for any situation, these are sure to come in handy and help you along the way in your quest for the perfect nights sleep.