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Camping Accessories

When it comes to camping, gadgets really are the way forward as they make staying outdoors easy and comfortable. They can prove to be a god- send for people who want all the conveniences of modern day living, whilst still enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer.

Getting the essentials can be key in ensuring that your trip runs smoothly so make sure you leave nothing to chance and stock up on all the bits you need for a successful trip.

First time camping and unsure what equipment to take? Have a look at our Camping Checklist to make sure you have all of the necessities!

Browse our range of Camping Accessories and Gadgets

Camping gadgets and accessories come in all shapes and sizes and whether you're after something practical and sensible or something little more fun, Planet Camping have got the lot.

A camping trip isn't all about channelling your inner Action Man and the chances of you being confronted by a grizzy bear are in fact quite remote (well in this country at least) so whilst camping gadgets can be fun, make sure you take stuff that you actually might need! Although all men love a good gadget, our range has a wide variety of options and we are bound to have something for all of the family.

Modern technology unsurprisingly has a major bearing on the gadget market and there is a large variety of solar powered gadgets these days. Whilst many may scoff at the idea of solar energy, when you're out camping and want power to your gadgets it's one of the best options. Letting them charge throughout the day will then allow you enough power to last throughout the evening. While you may also be sceptical over the amount of sun we are blessed with on these shores, solar powered gadgets often do not require the bright rays that sun worshippers do and in fact you will be surprised with just how easily they charge.

Solar powered radios are amongst the most popular items that require a natural power source. They are often in fact regarded as more reliable than regular radios and they can run for a very long time when they are fully charged.

Although the gizmos and tech bits are sure to be the most exciting, lets not forget some of the old school items that you are not going to want to be without. Whacky Practicals offer a range of products that are certainly going to be on your list of what to take camping but they put their own erm..whacky twist on them. Their items fold away into compact sizes, meaning that they will take up next to no space whilst in transit, making them perfect to fit into a rucksack that you find comfortable.

Here at Planet Camping we've also got the products that will put a smile on your face and just offer that something a little bit different. Whilst they may not sit up high in your list of priorities, these are products that will certainly inject even more fun into your camping trip! From cool themed washbags to bright and bold ponchos to keep the rain at bay, we have got you covered (literally) with products that are sure to have all your fellow campers envious!

We have it all from the essentials such as the trusty rubber mallet to the quirkier items like campervan windsocks, if you're in need of any camping accessories you have come to the right place!