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Mountain Bikes

Ever since the mountain bike was introduced to the cycling scene in the late 1970’s, it has exploded in popularity. The beauty of a mountain bike is that they can be taken off road, leading you on a cycling adventure. Whether it’s crossing fields and forests, or hurtling down a mountain dirt track, a mountain bike is a versatile vehicle on two wheels!

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about mountain bikes to help you choose the best bike for your and your adventures in the great outdoors.

Are mountain bikes good for commuting?

A mountain bike can be used on the road, but it won’t be as fast or smooth as a road bike or hybrid bike. There are some mountain bikes better suited to commuting and road use, such as a ‘hard tail’ which is a mountain bike without rear suspension. If your commute involves gravel paths, a mountain bike or hybrid is a great choice.

Are mountain bikes heavy?

Not really - they’re heavier than road bikes, but that’s because they have a lot more in the way of components (suspension etc) and they have bigger wheels and tyres. Despite that though, they’re not especially heavy and can be ridden for long distances without any issue.

Are mountain bikes comfortable to ride?

Yes – very comfortable! The suspension means the lumps and bumps in the road are much easier to deal with, and the flexibility in the frame means it’s a much less stiff bike than a road bike, which can be an uncomfortable bike to ride.

Are mountain bikes expensive?

Like any bike, you get what you pay for. Expect to pay around £200 for an entry level bike with basic components, around £400 for a mid-range bike with extra features. A high-spec electric mountain bike will start at around £2500 and can go as high as £6200 for an elite level electric mountain bike with front and back suspension.

Are mountain bikes good for kids?

Mountain bikes are great for kids – the wider wheels can help with balance and the suspension will make the bike a lot more forgiving than a road bike. They’re also far better suited to the riding up and off curbsides which kids will do.

Can you transport a mountain bike on a car?

Yes, easily. Just like a road bike, a mountain bike can be strapped to a car via a roof rack or cycle rack on the boot. You’ll be able to take your mountain bike on holiday with you just as easily as any other bike.

Mountain Bikes – Final Thoughts

A good mountain bike is a really versatile bike – you can ride it on the road, on trails, dirt tracks, through the forest and on the mountain side. They can be easily transported on a car and ridden for long distances. They’re also a perfect bike for travelling with, because when you’re in a new place and you aren’t sure what the terrain will be like, you can relax knowing the mountain bike will be able to cope with any ground surface you throw at it!

There’s a mountain bike to suit all sizes, all budgets and all abilities.