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BBQ's, Grills and Stoves for Camping and Alfresco

Which Grill, Stove or BBQ is best for Camping?

A grill, stove or grill/stove combo is going to make up the centrepiece of your camping cooking equipment. The grill gives you an authentic BBQ experience perfect for cooking burgers, meat and kebabs while the stove provides the perfect counterpart allowing you to get those beans cooked and the kettle boiling.

Camping Grills

There are some things that are important when picking out your ideal camping grill. Make sure you check all of these camping grill points;
    •    How it heats up. You will find most camping grills use charcoal and fire, however there are electric camping grills that use hotplates (like a George Foreman Grill). If you are buying an electric grill you will need a sufficient power point as well.
    •    How portable it is. It is always best to buy camping specific grills rather than standard BBQ grills. This is because camping grills are engineered to be lightweight, robust and easy to clean.
    •    How easy it is to clean. The best camping grills are made of stainless steel because it is a light, portable and easy to wipe clean material.
A great grilling tip is to let your fire burn after you have finished cooking as this burns away remaining food residue and makes for an easier cleaning experience.
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Camping Stoves

Alongside your grill, a camping stove gives you the full range of cooking facilities while on the go. Most camping stoves are powered by gas canisters and tend to be a little bulkier than camping grills because they have more components. The all-important things to check before buying your ideal camping stove are;
    •    How it heats up. Gas is the most common method of powering camping stoves although other stove types are available. If you are opting for a gas stove, make sure you stock up on gas canisters as well!
    •    How portable it is. Camping stoves tend to be lightweight and many fold open. There are other camping stoves that are more substantial though so ensure you check the stove weight and how it packs away.
    •    How easy it is to clean. Like camping grills, camping stoves are normally constructed of stainless steel. Unlike camping grills, some stoves have hard to reach areas and can be more labour intensive to clean.
Our top camping grill tip is to pack a bottle of Dettol spray to give your grill the once over before wiping down and storing away.
Also, make sure you stock up on gas canisters to keep your stove going!

Camping Grill and Stove Combos

Occasionally, you stumble across the rare two in one stove and grill combination. Some are dual fuel where others are single fuel. Make sure you have the right fuel to keep them going before you set off.

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