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Choose your Inflatable Kayaks here from a wide range and compare all prices

Inflatable Kayaks

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to explore the water is on an inflatable kayak. They’re the perfect option for recreational campers and families who want to experience something a little different. Inflatable kayaks are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your exact needs and budget.

Watersport Acessories

If you're new to this area of water activities, we have a very useful guide to kayaking for the beginner to help you in your choice of inflatable kayak and some of the essential kit and safety gear.

True Portability

One of the big advantages inflatable kayaks have over the traditional hard shell types is in their portability. When you arrive at your destination you can quickly unpack your kayak, inflate it and be on the water in a matter of minutes. When you’ve finished kayaking, you can deflate it and fold it into a small package, making it easy to store.

There’s no need for a roof rack or any specialist kit. Your boat will fold away into a small package and can be easily stored in a car or van.

A Size for All

Inflatable kayaks are available in a range of shapes, sizes and capacities. You can opt for a small single-person boat, a two-person boat or even a three! You can make family kayaking a reality in just a couple of boats.

Even then there’s a wide range of shapes and sizes, where you can opt for comfort and stability over speed and outright performance.

Genuine Versatility

In our range of inflatable kayaks we have a boat to suit all needs. We have streamlined boats designed to glide along at speed. These are perfect for the more advanced users who are looking for an additional performance element to their kayak.

Likewise, we have the more beginner-friendly wider boats which offer unrivalled stability and comfort. These are perfect for a gentle paddle around calm rivers, lakes and seas.

Cost Effective Boating

One of the drawbacks of boating is the expense. Apart from the upfront investment in the boat, you then have to deal with the mooring fees, the ongoing maintenance and repairs and any licencing you may have to deal with. It’s an expensive hobby!.

With an inflatable kayak you can enjoy the water without the huge upfront investment and the ongoing costs. There’s essentially no maintenance with an inflatable kayak, meaning you can enjoy countless hours of boating without the financial drain.

Inflatable Kayaks are Sturdy

You’d be forgiven for thinking that an inflatable kayak wouldn’t be particularly sturdy and unable to carry much weight, but you’d be wrong. Depending on the size of the boat you opt for, some inflatable kayaks will carry up to 250kg comfortably. That’s 551LB, or the equivalent of three average-sized adult men.

Final Thoughts of Inflatable Kayaks

When it comes to low-cost, low-maintenance boating on calm waters, you can’t really beat an inflatable kayak. They’re easy to use and store, can be taken with you in the back of a car and will provide you with endless hours of fun and adventure on the water.

Take a look at our range of boats and pick the perfect one for you and your requirements.