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Our Large range of tents to suit all camping scenarios.

While many campers enjoy the little luxuries afforded by a campervan, pitching a tent at your site next to a glowing fire is another way to enjoy the great outdoors. And, if you find that your camping plans are punctuated by treks, you’ll want a portable shelter for the wild as well.

Tents don’t have to be boring. At Planet Camping we feature a variety of tents from lightweight trekking constructions to novelty tents meant to set you apart at the festival.  We even have tents designed with kids in mind – colourful and sometimes with popular cartoon characters.  Our favourite for festivals or even for the grandkids in your backyard is the Volkswagon Camper tent. When you can’t have the real thing, this licensed tent is the funkiest next-best option.

If you’re an avid outdoorsman you’ll probably want one of each, how do you really decide which one is the right one for your camping or trekking needs? Well, here are a few tips that will help guide you:

Tents all shapes and sizes

First and foremost you’ll want to choose a tent that is large enough for you and your family or friends. While cuddling is nice, with the right person, too many people crowded into a small space makes for claustrophobia-inducing conditions.  Be sure to choose a tent that is large enough for the number of people you’ll be camping with as well as one that has enough room for gear if you are on a trek, just in case it rains. A small two-person is fine for sleeping under the stars with your partner, but a large, family-style tent is more apropos for holidays with children or extended family.

Our tents are available in several materials from heavyweight canvas to lightweight DWR-coated polyester. While canvas tents are indefinitely durable, and reminiscent of circa 1950’s scout camps, they aren’t lightweight. If your plans include lengthy camping in a single locale, this style is best suited for that purpose.  Polyester tents are lighter-weight and often include rain-resistant flies that are tied over the tent. These make for excellent options for both camping and trekking in changing weather conditions.

Tents for all climates

Along these lines, it is important to consider the temperature when choosing a tent. You’ll notice that tents often are described as 2, 3, or 4-season models. This refers to the amount of insulation and weatherproofing in the design. For instance, while a 2-season tent is idea for summer and fall camping, when the temperatures are warm to hot, such a tent would not provide adequate wind proofing to endure a night at sub-zero temperatures. Generally, the more seasons that a tent is designed for, the heavier the construction and the less screened mesh window area. In fact, many expedition tents forgo mesh altogether in favor of a sealed double-layered construction.  But, the less mesh, the less air-circulation so the hotter they will be in warm-weather conditions.

It used to be that you’d spend a fair amount of time putting tent poles together, pounding stakes into the ground and laying guy lines. And while many tents still use similar designs, the latest technology has tents literally popping up before your eyes.  A very popular model of tent in recent years is the Bell Tent which has one single pole mounted centrally, which is very quick to erect and simply peg down. Whether you are looking for a shelter completely closed off from the night air or something just to keep you covered at festival, Planet Camping has all varieties at any price to suit every personality.

One step up from the pop-up tent is the luxurious blow-up tent.  These all-in-one homes away from home feature a pump that does all the work while you settle in for a barbequed meal.  They also have extra features such as darkened bedroom areas for refreshing sleep no matter how bright the full moon shines.

Speaking of bedrooms, if the kids aren’t quite old enough to have their own colorful tents, the Outwell line of tents features large, family size spaces with zippered dividers to create smaller rooms all under one “roof.” These earthship-like tents are available in various sizes and are large enough for as many as 6 adults. Additionally they feature blow-up technology to make setting up camp a breeze.

The Robens Klondike Tipi tent is reminiscent of yurts that trekkers often travel to in the backcountry in Switzerland or overseas in Utah and Colorado. This style of tent creates space for six complete with a venting stovepipe that allows safe use of a solid fuel stove. This style is ideal for those wanting something a bit different, but just as luxurious as an Outwell.

Regardless of the style you choose, you’ll want to be sure that you have all the necessary accessories: extra tent stakes or pegs, a ground sheet (or footprint), and extra guylines for windy conditions.  We feature all of these necessities.

If all the choices are overwhelming and you just want to get outdoors as fast as possible, we offer complete festival and camping packages featuring sleeping sacks and shelters so you won’t have to spend hours pouring over information to decide which is best for you. Give us a call and our experiences staff will guide you in the right direction.