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Camping and Outdoor Activities

There are few things in life that can match the great outdoors. Whether you’re exercising, socialising, touring or a mixture of them all, a life lived outside is a life lived well.

In this section we’re going to take a closer look at some of the activities the outdoors has to offer. We’ll look at who they’re suitable for, why they’re great for us, where they can be done and why you should give them a go!

Take a look at the list and start planning your next adventure!

Water Sports

Kayaking enriches your experience of the water beyond measure. Going from standing by the shore to heading out on to the water gives you a greater appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. You don’t even need to struggle to transport a boat – inflatable kayaks are easy to deflate and transport.

There’s an unrivalled tranquillity on a calm lake. Accompanied only by the sound of the water gently lapping upon the side of your kayak, you can head off and get a completely different view of the world. You can explore places you simply can’t reach on foot, opening up new possibilities in the world around you. It’s a unique way to exercise and enjoy some relaxation.

You can even take your rigid kayak to the seaside, enjoying the crystal clear waters of the Cornish coast, finding hidden little coves along the west Cornwall peninsula. Kayaking is best suited to strong swimmers, in the unlikely event of a capsize.

  • Who – strong swimmers
  • Where – Cornish coast, Lake District
  • When – spring and summer


There’s no better way to explore the open road than on a bike. The ultimate transportation – there’s an option for every terrain. If you love the speed and ability to cover long distances, a road bike is for you. It’s a perfect commuting tool as well as a fantastic way to get some outdoor exercise in, allowing you to cycle over 100 miles in a single day with some training.

If you crave adventure and want something a little more adrenaline-fuelled, a mountain bike is a superb option. Whether riding up hill and down dale, exploring downhill tracks in the forest or gravel tracks in the back of beyond, a mountain bike won’t let you down.

If you’re not at your fittest, you don’t have to miss out. An electric bike does a lot of the work for you, meaning you can still enjoy cycling and even head out with friends who are fitter and more experienced cyclists than you are!

With kids’ bikes available too, cycling is a perfect family activity. According to stats from 2019, 42% of Brits own a bike, highlighting the widespread appeal of the activity.

  • Who – everyone!
  • Where – Mountain bikes – Snowdonia, Road bikes - nationwide
  • When – all year round!


There’s no better way to explore the hills and mountains the UK has to offer than on foot. There are millions of acres of countryside and 15 national parks freely available to roam in. We also have numerous mountain ranges dotted across the UK, providing you with a lot of different options to suit whichever landscape you enjoy.

With hiking you don’t need much by way of expensive equipment, just a pair of reliable walking boots, a map and some refreshments and away you go. Your journey on foot can take you to places that a bike, a boat or car just can’t. You’ll see the world from a completely different perspective.

Hiking is a perfect family activity. You can expose children to nature and can pick a route suitable for any level of fitness. It’s a fantastic escapism from life behind a desk.

  • Who – everyone!
  • Where – national parks, mountain ranges, forests.
  • When – all year round!


Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the UK, contributing an estimated £1.7 billion to the UK economy according to government figures. It’s an activity that provides the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life. Sitting by the water with nothing but nature for company, it’s impossible not to be relaxed whilst fishing.

Whether you love to fish rivers, lakes, canals or in the sea, the sheer variety of options available to you means you’ll never be far from a great fishing spot. It’s an activity that’s open to anyone regardless of age or fitness level. You need only a rod licence and some basic equipment and you can start to reap the relaxing benefits of fishing.

Some anglers like to combine their love of fishing with outdoor adventure, heading off to camp by a river or lakeside for up to a week at a time. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy wild camping and fantastic fishing.

  • Who – everyone!
  • Where – lakes, rivers, canals and the coast
  • When – all year round, best in the spring and summer


The original outdoor workout, running has gone from a pastime to an adventure sport! Whether you’re into fell running, obstacle course races, adventure races or good old fashioned jogging there’s a route into running for you. Apart from the obvious physical and mental benefits, there’s also a useful element to running if you combine it with dog walking or commuting.

There are an estimated 7 million regular runners in the UK, enjoying the fresh air and ever-changing scenery as they get their exercise. There’s an endless variety of running routes available to us in the UK, suiting all abilities. If you’re not very fit, you can start with gentle runs, building yourself up with the NHS Couch to 5K plan.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a data-driven competitive runner, you can pick from our range of running vests to keep you hydrated and nourished on your runs. 

  • Who – everyone!
  • Where – anywhere!
  • When – all year round!


For the complete immersion in the outdoors, you simply can’t beat camping. It’s the ultimate way to indulge your love of nature. Whether you prefer a mix of home comforts (a working phone, warm showers and flushing toilets) with sleeping under canvas, or you like to go the whole hog and live off the fat of a land for a while, we’ve got you covered!

The wonderful thing about camping is that you can pack up everything you need for your stay in the back of your car and take off in search of adventure. There are thousands of designated campsites in the UK and plenty of spots suitable for wild camping (just check the local rules and regulations first).

With the quality of camping equipment improving all of the time, even those people who have previously been put off camping through fear of cold, leaky and uncomfortable tents can relax, knowing that modern equipment will keep them warm and dry!

Finally, camping is an excellent way to take a family break for a fraction of the price of a holiday in a hotel or caravan.

  • Who – everyone!
  • Where – nationwide campsites
  • When – Summer (unless you’re hardy!)

Outdoor Activities…

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by a few of the ideas here – the outdoors is open and ready to host your next adventure!

Take a look around our site for ideas, inspiration and equipment.