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Camping Power & Technology Concepts for the serious camper

Camping Technology

With so many huge steps in technology over the recent decade, technology on the camp site is becoming commonplace.

Next generation camping

It’s true - next time you are camping, take a look around at the number of people bringing home conveniences with them. Satellite dishes will be everywhere on top of caravans but if you look closer at people with tents, you'll see those serious hikers will have GPS devices, charging facilities that they can take out with them, solar powered gadgets and an array of other innovations to help them out of any sticky situations.

But why do we need these gadgets?

As nice as it is to really get down with nature every now and then, they gadgets are only going to help you.

Taking your smartphone and worried about screen damage as it lies about? Take a look at our accessories section. Want to keep up with the latest news while you’re away? Check out our radios. Like music on the go? We’ve got MP3 players for you.

Keeping charged

Keeping your gadgets charged is important too. What good is your smartphone to you if it runs out of battery on the first day? It probably will if you’re making the most out of its GPS capabilities too.

That’s why we also offer a range of portable chargers, ranging from solar to wind up - with these handy gadgets in your bag, you’ll never be lost. Well, as long as your GPS map reading skills are up to scratch anyway!

The latest in camping innovation

Planet Camping are here to bring you the latest in these products. We source some of the highest quality novel ideas and bring them to you here at great prices.

Quality solutions within your budget

Keep checking back with us as the range expands and new offers come up either individually or in our Bundle Offers!

Here at Planet Camping, we know that your outdoor adventure might be getting expensive - especially if you have all the latest kit - that’s why we always offer the latest deals and offers, saving you pennies where we can.