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Pans and Kettles for Camping

Kettles and Pans for Cooking While Camping Outdoors

No campsite is complete without a cup of tea. Pack one of our carefully chosen camping kettles to brew up the perfect cuppa while you’re away from home.
When selecting a camping kettle make sure;

    • It is fit for purpose. Ensure the materials are robust enough to withstand heat.
    • It is light and easy to stow.
    • It has enough capacity to make the desired amount of tea!
    • Don’t forget to pack a water carrier to carry all your water for cooking and cleaning

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Camping Cookware

You have your camping cooking facilities sorted, now you need some camping pots and pans to get make your camp kitchen look worthy of the outdoors chef that you are! There are some important things to think about when purchasing camping cookware, these are

  • Fit for purpose.A lot of camping cookware is exposed to fire, whether it be gas or coal/wood powered. You must make sure that the cookware you buy is made of flame-resistant material and is suitable for use at high temperatures – campfires get really hot.
  • It has skin friendly surfaces. Some camping cookware isn’t designed with safety in mind and most have metal handles. Find cookware that has handles that don’t conduct heat to avoid burns.
  • Ease of cleaning. After you finish cooking you will need to clean and store your cookware. Is it made of a material that is easy to clean?
  • Is it portable? Lastly, you will want to consider the environment you will need your cookware in, are you going hiking? Does it need to be light and easy to stow?

Last but certainly not least, pack a lighting tool to get the campfire going quickly every single time. It saves bashing flint on rocks and lighting tinder!