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Cotton Roll Up Beds & Mattresses for Camping

Not only are these beds well suited to the camping lifestyle, they are also extremely comfortable and put many other soft roll-out beds, of similar functionality, to shame. Lined with 100% cotton and filled with poly fibre and poly wadding, you’re guaranteed to be cosy when making the most of these roll up beds.

In Particular, our very own harbour stripe Cotton roll-up bed is not only larger than all other roll up beds available it also offers extra filling and has a 100% woven cotton covering to give durability and a real feel of quality. During our product development, we opted for a significantly more bulked rib to our Harbour Stripe bed to give excellent comfort on a floor that may be solid.

Double versions Of The Cotton Roll Up Beds

This hand-made double roll up bed is not only great for all future camping trips – it’s so cosy that it’s actually ideal for any time when you are struggling for a soft space to rest your head for the night at home.

It's soft, wonderfully versatile and the roll up mattress can easily be rolled up when you've finished with it - more importantly however; it is one of the cheapest ways to get a good night's sleep!

Convenient spare bed

Made from heavy cotton and being fairly light weight, they can be used for many things and are ideal for having people staying over when you are short of room, and in need of beds. The single roll up beds are also easy to carry around, which makes them perfect if you are heading outdoors, and they don't take up much room whilst in use either.

You don't just have to use them for sleeping arrangements - these roll up beds are also ideal for many camping trips (although we would advise using a ground sheet if used in a tent) and proves to be extremely useful for festivals, where all that is required is to roll it out and simply lay your head.

Not only an attractive, like the Kerala stripe of the Bill Brown roll-up bed, instant alternative to the usual inflatable spare bed, the foldable mattresses are also the perfect size to fit into camper vans – and make a great footrest or back support when rolled up. No more uncomfortable airbeds or harmful environmentally unfriendly chemicals to sleep on.

The Roll-Up Beds take portable sleeping onto a higher ergonomic level with the ribbed effect of the design softens with the natural flow of your body to promote a gentle feeling on the spine, making it an ideal natural mattress topper too.

Great value for money camping mattresses

What else do we love? Aside from the fact that they are pure bliss in terms of comfort and ease of use – they are growing into some of the biggest sellers in their field due to the quality you get for your money. They're quirky, colourful, great fun to use and will definitely prove to be a great investment.

Sleep takes on a whole new meaning with these instant full size roll-up camping mattresses. No electricity, no pumping, no heavy lugging around. Yet it exudes all the trappings of luxury.