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Hydration Packs

You may not be familiar with hydration packs as the technology is relatively new to the market, but in a short space of time they have revolutionised the way water or fluid is carried when out and about. A perfect way to stay refreshed on a hike or climb and these hydration packs could even save your life in more extreme scenarios. Invaluable, practical and perfectly functional, hydration packs are now a cornerstone pack for the modern adventurer.





Hydration Packs – Versatile Designs

Traditionally, explorers would have to rely on flasks or hip flasks for refreshment when out and about on adventures, but the problem with these is that they require additional storage space and are not immediately available. In other words, you might be making mighty progress up the mountain only to have to break rhythm and stop for a drink – unpacking it, drinking and then repacking it. Hydration packs solve that problem, allowing easy storage and immediacy of hydration as and when needed, allowing you to make good progress without hindrance.

Hydration packs come in a whole range or weird, wonderful and innovative designs and it is certainly true that no two hydration pack designs are the same. Some are designed for providing a small amount of refreshment in as convenient a way as possible while others are full hydration backpacks capable of carrying large volumes of liquid. Whichever design preference you have, we have your hydration needs covered.

Hydration Packs – Functionality and Features

When looking at hydration packs you will notice some have two weights listed, one when empty and one full. It is important you pay attention to the full weight figure as hydration packs can be very heavy when full. The heavier hydration packs are designed to be carried on the back and are used by cyclists or for other outdoors sporting activities.

Smaller and more lightweight packs are also available, making them perfect for hiking, climbing, camping and exploring. A hydration pack doesn’t need to be a backpack, and some are worn around the waist. Some packs come with built in tech that feeds information to your smart watch like the amount of fluid you have consumed, how much is left and when you will likely need to stop and refill.

Hydration Packs Comparison on Planet Camping

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