Rigid Kayaks

If your idea of a perfect day includes a long, meandering paddle on the water then you need to look no further than a rigid kayak. Built for comfort, speed and stability, a rigid kayak offers the intrepid explorer a unique way to view the world, making previously inaccessible places easy to reach.



Watersport Acessories

Tougher Construction, More Versatility

With a firmer, more hardwearing construction, the rigid kayak is the most versatile type of kayak around. It’s perfectly suited to the unpredictable depth waters such as rivers and shallow lakes, where the bottom of the boat may well come into contact with the floor.

There’s no risk of ripping or punctures with a rigid boat, neither are there any seams that will require maintenance. With the exception of cleaning, there is very little in the way of ongoing boat maintenance. 

Lightweight Yet Strong

Boats are made from a pre-moulded plastic that forms the entirety of the vessel. What this means is that the seats, footrests, bottle holders etc are all made from the same single skin. This means there’s little in the way of additional parts, so the weight is kept low.

A boat weighing around the 20kg mark is more than capable of supporting a user of around 120kg. Even at the heavy user weights, there’s little in the way of friction and the construction of the boat is very smooth and streamlined, so it’ll glide well and will move along quickly in the water.

Easy Transportation

Although they don’t collapse like an inflatable kayak, a rigid kayak is still easy to move and store. They’ll usually have a built-in handle so you can move it easily and in some models there’s a built-in wheel that will allow you to move the boat along the ground easily. 

They are light enough to easily lift onto a roof rack, and if you have a big enough van, a lot of rigid kayaks will slide in with plenty of room to spare. There’s no need to tow a kayak, even the family sized boats.

Family Use is an Option

If you’d like to kayak as a family, we have the Ocean Quatro Kayak which can seat 4 family members easily. It has a maximum weight of 260kg, which is more than enough capacity for two adults and two children.

It is long, stable and unsinkable and has been certified for sea use. It’s the perfect option for a family who wants to explore the open water without the expense of a larger boat.

Exercise and Fun

A rigid kayak can be taken out for hours and hours of exploring. It’s a gentle way to exercise, there’s no impact on the joints and it benefits the whole family. You don’t need to be super fit; you can take the boat on the calm water and enjoy a gentle paddle. 

It’s the perfect way to combine fun and adventure, with a little bit of health benefit thrown in for good measure. With a rigid kayak to play with, you’ll see the world from a whole different viewpoint.

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