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Taking the family away on holiday can be expensive business. When you take into consideration flights, accommodation and spending money it all soon mounts up and with some beautiful scenery on these shores, it's little wonder the 'staycation' is becoming ever more popular. We have some of the best brands of tents in stock including Outwell, Robens and Easy Camp

Be it an overnight stay for you and the kids in two room tent or a weekend away with the extended family requiring room for six, we've got plenty of spacious options that will ensure you get the best value whilst offering top rated family tents.

When it comes to a camping trip, selecting the right tent is an absolute necessity so you need to make sure you get it right!

What size Family Tent do I need?

The size of your tent will vary depending on just how many of you are heading off on the trip and of course just who exactly is going.

For example, if you are a family with just one child then a tent with one sleeping area may well be big enough. However if you have two kids or a perhaps going with another adult couple, then you may well want the privacy of another bedroom.

A six person tent may also be what you’re after even if your going in a party of four or five just to give you that extra bit of space. However if you are looking at packing lightly and don’t want to be weighed down, then you need to consider whether or not you truly need the extra space or if it would just be a luxury.

Though do not leave youself short of space! Whilst you may think a two or three berth family tent may be nice and cosy for the four of you, the reality of it is you could find yourselves fumbling around and soon pulling your hair out. Kids in a confined space will prove much trickier will be far more likely to get under your feet, literally!

So you have been warned, choose wisely!

What shape Family Tent do I need?

  • The most common shape family tent is the tunnel tent. The poles will generally arch over as oppose to cross over like the usual dome shape. This means that more often than not you are able to stand up in them as they are generally taller than dome tents.
  • A Vis-à-vis tent is a trend that started in France, hence the name which literally translates to ‘face-to-face’. A large central part of the tent offers headroom with two room compartments off of it that are used for sleeping.  These two compartments directly face each other thus the name.
  • Recently ‘Pod-style’ tents have become increasingly popular with families, with one main central area and several sleeping pods off of it, like spokes on a wheel. These give a lot of privacy and everyone can have their own personal space as well as the fact they are very airy. However they are they cover a lot of space and are large in size, so many campsites will charge you for an extra pitch and that’s if they allow them at all. Of course due to their size they are also made with a lot more fabric and will therefore make the process of transporting and pitching more difficult.

What features are useful on a family tent?

Are you after zipped room dividers for privacy? Space to stand up in? And we’re sure you want a family tent that’s easy to erect don’t you? Our tents come packed with a whole host of features that are useful for all of the family.

  • Large living space will be welcomed when there's a few of you. You'll want a nice, spacious central area where you can all congregate that doesn't make you feel like you're all on top of one another. Of course you may well have an activity crammed trip planned and time spent in your tent mat be limited. However you will need the space for storage and also for enjoying some down time and the added space will be particularly welcome if the weather does opt to cause havoc. The large space will allow you to play games or cards inside so don't forget to take your favourite board game! You may also be forced to move your whole set up under the shelter of your tent, making meal times a particularly chaotic time. However if you've got that extra space, things are just that much easier and you will have plenty of room to enjoy your meal in the dry. The added space will also make simple tasks such as getting the kids dressed all the more straightforward.
  • A good sized canopy is very useful when going camping with the family. Acting almost like your own porch for your tent, this will not only provide extra cover from the elements but also allows you sit under and enjoy the fresh air, no matter what the British weather throws at you! It will also give you a spot to store muddy shoes to keep the inside of your tent in pristine condition.
  • Multiple entrances are also handy for large families. They allow easy access to the tent and let’s face it, the last thing you want is to all be piling through one small spot if the heavens open! At night if you need to pop to toilet, multiple entrances also mean you can get out of the tent with out disturbing anyone.

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure we’ve got something to suit your needs and our family tent guide shows our high quality products available at the most competitive prices.

Family Camping

Of course a tent that sleeps four people is most likely to be used when you are planning a trip away with a larger group than usual. Whether there is a group of you heading to a festival, going hiking in the Lake District or a leisurely trip down to Cornwall, we will have you more than prepared for your group adventure.

Over 1.5 million of us opt to holiday in a field every year, with 2015 no exception and the trend of the holiday abroad has actually shown a slight decrease. Camping is not only great fun but is also becoming even more fashionable!

If you are looking to jump on the crest of a holiday in the UK for all of the family, then you are going to need a home from home with significant living area.

Big name brands such as Outwell, Easy Camp including the popular Boston 4 Man Tent and Robens are all available for you, giving you a great choice of family tents no matter what trip you are planning!

What offers do you have on Family Tents?

Here at Planet Camping we understand that family vacations can get expensive but purchasing one of our tents will be a worthwhile investment as it can last you for years.

As well as offering the best value family tents, you’ll also find some free items thrown in along the way because we’re kind like that!

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