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The simplest way you can expand your available caravan or campervan space is with an awning. You can effectively double your room, making your experience a far more comfortable one. It’ll allow you extra room for eating, for storage and in some cases, sleeping.

Further range of Motorhome Awnings and Caravan Awnings can be found here.

Awnings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, leaving you with a lot of different options. Adding more space with an awning is the most practical way you can. They are strong and stable, don’t take long to put up and can be easily taken down and packed away when needed.

Additional space in minutes

We sell a wide range of awnings, up to a maximum size of 20 square metres. This additional space will sleep up to 6 people, plus it allows you the flexibility to cook outside. If you are feeding a large group a caravan kitchen might not be sufficient, so this helps with camping logistics – perfect for families or large gatherings.

If you were worried about how to accommodate or look after a large group, an awning takes away all of those worries for you. 

Enhance your caravan holiday experience

One of the fantastic things about taking an awning with you is that you can expand what you’re able to do whilst touring. If you were relying on the space in your caravan alone, storage of things such as kayaks or bikes is a big problem, because there simply isn’t enough room for you to live in the caravan and keep bikes or boats in there too.

By attaching an awning to your caravan, you have plenty of space to store lots of equipment. You can cycle, kayak, surf and the like without having to leave expensive equipment stored outside, risking it being stolen.

Easy set up and packing away

We also sell awnings that are fully inflatable, meaning they can be set up in just a few minutes. You can unpack the awning, inflate it and have it ready to go without having to erect it like a traditional tent. For many people, especially those with young children, this is a complete revelation because it allows them more time to spend with the family.

Not only is an inflatable awning a handy thing to have when arriving at a site, it also makes leaving much easier too – you simply deflate the awning and pack it away quickly. 

More space, less cost

An awning can double the size of your accommodation without the need to buy an additional campervan or caravan. In terms of cost efficiency, there’s nothing close to it. You can add a large amount of usable extra space for a few hundred pounds. Not only that, it can be erected in a matter of moments and taken down quickly when you’re finished. Finally, you can store it in a bag and drive off with it.

If you’re a caravan or campervan enthusiast, add extra space quickly and simply with an awning. You’ll be glad you did!