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Welcome to Planet Camping. With our definitive site we aim to bring the best camping gifts and outdoor gear to the UK with personable, reliable customer service, and the fastest delivery service around. You can plan a last minute get-away and leave on whim knowing that you have all necessary gear, and hopefully a few fun accessories.

Discover the ultimate wearable sleeping gear for colder temperatures, we have the full range of Sleeping Bag Suits here.

Just about 10 years ago Planet Camping launched with the sole mission of selling the Lippi Selk Sleeping Sack (formerly MusucBag) to the public. This sleeping sack, disguised as wonderfully cosy wearable apparel, is ideal for everything from cool nights at a music festival to a night spent by a campfire. SelkBags have evolved over the years and so has Planet Camping. We continue to be the largest UK seller and carry the full range of SelkBags.

While the Selkbag is still a mainstay for Planet Camping, as the years have passed the call of the great outdoors has spread through the UK. Fueled partially by the treks of the Duke of Edinburgh and partially by our own wanderlust, we have expanded our offerings to include trekking as well as camping gear. Whether you are doing your best Gordon Ramsay impersonation next to your tipi tent, traipsing across the Highlands, or even enjoying a float on the water, we have hand-selected the best gear to make your adventures memorable.

Because the search for gear shouldn’t take up any holiday time, Planet Camping conveniently places everything into neat categories. There are no inaccurate filters or misleading searches. We include “How to choose …” guides for our products so that you are sure to ask all the right questions before you make your purchase. If you need further assistance, please contact us with any questions about any of the products we offer.  We are here to help make your experience at Planet Camping a positive and memorable one so that you are sure to spread the word to your friends.

While we feature many types of outdoor gear our most popular categories include:

Camping Equipment

Camping, in and of itself, is fun. But, if you want to make a good thing even better, we have the gear for you. Why settle for skewered bits over a campfire or granola and turkey jerkey when you can cook up a storm with a camp stove and cookware. And what fun would it be to take a collapsible Whacky Practicals tea kettle with you to brew up a high tea? Set it all on a folding camp table surrounded by comfy chairs. When you can’t bring the outdoors inside, bring the comforts of indoors out.

If your preference is for a funkier, more unique approach, add some LED camp lights and a campervan windsock for flair. Lounge on a colourful Bubel towel on top of one of our own FlopSac Inflatable Loungers while listening to your solar-powered radio. Create your own festival! Whichever route you choose, use our handy “Definitive Camping Checklist” to ensure that you are well-prepared.

Christmas Camping Gifts

If you're looking for some great unique gift ideas browse around our site as we've got plenty novelty, luxury and useful camping gifts available. Our Bill Brown roll up beds are practical for both camping, glamping and using as a spare bed at home. Our Sleeping Bag Suits and Duvet Suits provide warmth on cold nights and make excellent present ideas for friends and family.

If you need some inspiration on what to buy the young ones this year, head over to our novelty tents page and view our range of fun play tents that would make perfect camping gifts for children.

Sleeping Bags

Nothing is more comforting than bundling up in a warm, fluffy sleeping bag under the stars. And as the original premise for the creation of Planet Camping, sleeping bags are still near and dear to our hearts,  Our “How to Choose a Sleeping Bag” guide provides you with the pros and cons of every style we feature, from kids bags, to lightweight bags for trekking, to our luxury range.

That’s just a bit about Planet Camping. If you’d like to get to know more about our team members feel free to stroll over to the About Us page. You’ll find that the love of the great outdoors runs deep within our staff and we wish to share that love and enthusiasm with you.

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