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If you love camping and outdoor activities, you will probably like this website. It is a one-stop site for a lot of relevant information that will be updated regularly. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts are often faced with the difficulty of price comparison on the best equipment and what makes the process long, difficult and time consuming is that you often have to spend many hours combing through different websites to compare prices.

Sometimes this search ends in frustration when you're are not able to get all the necessary information. It is even worse when you make an order after spending several hours to compare the prices of equipment only to come across a better deal after purchasing the equipment at a higher cost and the return window has elapsed. So, this website will save you all the time and effort.

The major purpose of the site is to source all necessary camping gear from the best variety of suppliers and with live feed for the costs on the product pages to give the most up-to-date information. That way, all your searches and price comparisons will start and end on this site.

We will continue to search for the best offers across suppliers so that you won't need to do the search again.

Cotton Sleeping Bags

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How can Planet Camping Help you?

We save your time!

We have put what we think are the best camping equipment prices together on the same site so you will only compare costs on our platform. This is faster and easier than searching unlimited websites and jotting down the prices. Besides, some of the most competitive prices you may come across may be obsolete or the product may be out of stock on some websites that still display it.

We will always confirm availability and the current prices before uploading them on this website.

20% off all Mountain Warehouse, Animal, Active People, Jacksons Pets & Outdoor living

We will save your money

By using our website, you will easily spot the best deal and you will no longer have to compare cost for hours. We understand how painful it can be to discover a better deal after making your purchase and the main aim for us to to help you make your choice in one place get the best deal particularly on items that can be a signicant investment for outdoor living such as the top Garden Furniture which is becoming more and more popular in the UK and continues to command quite hight prices due to this demand.

We widen your choices

Your choice of purchase depends directly on the options available to you. You will make better choices when you have access to more options. That is why we will give you access to a wider range of options on our website.

You will find some of the best and most reputable brands - Search Engines only display websites using their own SEO ranking so you may miss out great brands with poor ranking if you rely only an internet search. You can only compare the prices you are able to find.

We will give you information on all the brands that you may not find because our searching processes are carried out online and offline. And they are continuous.

We offer buying guides

To help make a suitable purchase at the best deal, we also discuss the pros and cons of every outdoor gear listed on our website. In addition, we will include honest and neutral reviews of every product and offer our guides to help you get informed about each facet of camping and the outdoors if you are a newby to this area.

You will get the Best Alternative

It is possible that your preferred gear comes at a price that is beyond your budget. Our price comparison platform will help you get the closest alternative in little or no time but still opting for the best quality.

We also stock some of our own selected products that we feel passionate about like the Selk bag and our very own cotton roll-up bed in the stunning harbour Stripe design. We also have regular offers on our own in house products including the innovative Dock & Bay Towels. These are the types of products that we feel are more unique and we prefer to hold them in our own warehouse to be able to offer fast and reliable delivery, usually next day.

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