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Power Banks, Portable Solar and Phone Chargers

Mobile phone chargers

A Range of phone chargers that will keep your phone topped up whilst you are in remote areas. These products are essential for those out hiking, cimbing, Kayaking or any other activites where you may be in a isolated. If you get into trouble, communication with the outside world is the most important tool to have.

Let’s face it – we rely far too much on our smartphones now. And even though the thought of facing the great outdoors like an epic explorer, without any modern day technology, can be appealing – it’s also a bit of a pain if you run out of petrol, get lost or need to access a map to find out just where you left that tent.

Our range of chargers will keep that phone full of juice even while you’re in the most remote of areas, so it makes sense to have these about just to be prepared.

But where do you get the power?

Luckily for us, the plug socket on the wall isn’t the only way to produce electricity. In fact, the tools listed here give you a much more eco-friendly way of powering up your devices, no matter where you are.

Portable, lightweight charging

Whether you’re carrying around a small solar charger to get power on the go, or making use of the camping power station (which is pretty useful if you need to jump start your car) – you really can take these devices anywhere.

These power products are essential if you’re heading out hiking, climbing, kayaking or just doing anything outdoors where you are fairly isolated. They just allow you to keep in touch with the outside world.

Getting lost

No one likes getting lost but, no matter how much of a map whiz you are, it happens. Smartphones now give you immediate access to maps, or a way to communicate with the outside world when you need to.

What if you get into trouble? What if someone else is in trouble? No matter how much you’re enjoying being away from the big wide world at home – it’s still good to stay in the loop. It’s all for your own safety.