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Daysacks & Backpacks

A typical daysack has between twenty and forty litres of storage capacity making them ideal for packing an emergency change of clothes, food and provisions as well as helpful camping accessories and equipment.

Most daysacks are designed to be carried on your back for ease, but you may encounter some that are hand-carried. Daysacks tend to be of a lightweight design with strong materials to ensure that the daysack can be enjoyed for years to come.

They are the perfect way to transport everything you would need for a day’s adventure without lugging around a huge backpack. There are many different styles of daysack available and each one is developed with various activities in mind.





Comparing Daysacks Design

Some daysacks are bespoke camping daysacks, designed to carry equipment for an overnight stay while others are designed for hiking trips or mountain climbing. There are even daysacks that are created with urbex and city adventures in mind, with a slicker and more contemporary look.

We have scoured the online camping marketplace to give you the widest range of products in one place. Simply select the product that meets your requirements and compare the cheapest price available. 

Here are the main criteria to bear in mind as you consider your selection:

  • Brand
  • Activity
  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Colour