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Essential Camping Equipment and Accessories

While it’s perfectly acceptable to take the bare minimum and “rough it” for your camping holiday, the trend is towards little luxuries and eclectic bits that make your experience more luxurious. We have found some practical as well as some of the more unique accessories to ensure that your campsite is a one-of-a kind outdoor retreat so you’ll be in no hurry to get back to work.

Rucksacks and Bags:

Even if camping is your primary vacation, you’ll most likely want to explore the trails that lead away from your site. The size of rucksack you’ll need to hold essential gear depends on how long you are planning on hiking. For day trips the Camelbak water hydration pack is the ideal choice. It holds a water bladder as well as snacks, dry socks, and a lightweight jacket in case the weather turns. Anything more than a day or so, requires you to carry all of your gear in a larger rucksack. We feature both 68 and 88 litre versions.


If hiking is not your forte, why not try kayaking? Our inflatable kayaks are ideal camping accessories. These pack up small enough to place in your roof rack and inflate to provide a fun way to explore the British seaside. They are easy to inflate and tough enough to withstand the class I-II rapids that are most prolific in Britain, though we don’t recommend them for extended whitewater trips to France or Switzerland. And, if you’re planning on getting wet, don't forget to grab a colorful towel.


Camping doesn’t necessarily equate with roughing it. While a log is always a seating option, save the firewood for the embers and grab a camping chair. From a simple folding seat to the more elaborate folding chair, compete with armrests and drink holder, bringing a few along ensures a comfortable place to seat your weary bum after a day of exploring.

Cookware and Stoves:

Freeze-dried or dehydrated camping food is best for those who need to be concerned about every gram added to their packs. Using only hot water to prepare them you’ll have a tasty meal in  minutes. Rather than relying upon finding dry firewood and a safe place to start a fire while hiking,  This portable all-in-one system sets the standard for lightweight, portable, and most importantly reliable cooking stoves. It holds about a litre of water and will have your tea water boiling in 2 minutes 15 seconds. If you are heading out with a group, consider the Jetboil Joule with double the capacity and nearly twice the BTU/hour power. Not only are these stoves ideal to heat water, they also function as cook units to prepare homemade noodles or stew.

If your tastes run a bit more gourmet, then you’ll want to look at our selection of barbeques. Pair these with a set of Gelert Ascent 2 camping cookware and prepare a feast. Add a folding kettle to the mix so that a proper tea is served upon returning from the day’s activities. Serve it all on environmentally friendly bamboo plates with camping cutlery; because your best outdoor meal deserves more than paper and plastic.

Beds, Mats and Pillows:

After dinner is served and the campfire starts to die, you’ll want to snuggle up in your sleeping bag. Make the night even more comfortable with the addition of some padding between you and the cold ground. If you need something lightweight to carry in your rucksack, try an inflatable or foam camping pad. Lightweight and portable they provide all the protection you need under your sleeping bag.

Are you planning on remaining in your campsite nightly rather than venturing into the forest?  How about bringing a cotton roll-up bed or even an inflatable mattress? While perfect in a tent, they also are ideal for your campervan. When you’re not out camping, they’ll provide extra bedding for guests and kids’ sleepovers.

No matter what your preference, don’t forget your pillow. We offer several styles to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.


Unless you get a thrill wandering into the pitch-black woods at night, you’ll want to include lights in your camp kit. They have come a long way from oversized headlamps and torches and Planet Camping UK features lightweight lamps, torches, and even colorful led lights to bring some color into your campsite. The latter are foldable and solar-powered to keep your site environmentally friendly.  Once you are settled back in your tent, tent lights provide enough ambient light to play cards or read without blinding your tent mate by shining a headlamp in their eyes every time you look at them.


Campsites should not just provide essentials and some comforts, they should also be fun and colorful. From campervan windsocks to novelty washbags.