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Belt Packs For All Activities

Belt Bags – Practical Designs

Most belt bags are clip on pouches that sit at the front where your belt buckle would ordinarily be. However; there you will notice from our belt bags comparison that there are many other designs with some having multiple pouches, zips and pockets and some having clips for storing other tools or camping equipment on. Multi-tool belt bags are incredibly popular currently, allowing campers to carry a wide range of tools on their belts for easy access and smart storage.

For those that are fans of the TV show Top Gear, you may remember James May’s belt tool set from the Bolivia road trip adventure. Showcasing that belt bags are still cool, look great and most importantly are functional. Most belt bags have very robust designs with adjustable straps and clips to fit people of all sizes.

Belt Bags – Features Explained

As you can see from our belt bags comparison, there are lot of different styles and features on our belt bags. Some of the most popular features are;
    •    Hydration pockets or netting for water containers – perfect for running.
    •    Two tiered pouches with a larger pouch at the back for keeping valuables safe.
    •    Some belt bags have hidden back of bag storage for valuables.
    •    Adjustable belt straps to fit everyone.
    •    Some belt bags feature multi-tools for the more hands on camper.

All these amazing features are packed into a small, lightweight but strong bag arrangement making them ideal for campers and adventurers of all ages. You can also wear a belt bag doubled up with a comfortable daysack for ultimate storage. They are also versatile in usage meaning you can pack them for running, hiking, sports activities as well as sightseeing and camping.

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