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Sleep Mats for Camping, Travel and Leisure

Sleep Mats provide an extra level of comfort whilst you camp, by adding an extra layer between yourself and the tent floor - if you're unable to pack a camping bed, then these are the next best thing.

Features of Sleep Mats for Camping, Travel and Leisure

There are some features you will want to consider when purchasing a floor mat:

  1. Size of the mat when rolled out (Will it fit in your tent?)
  2. Packing size (Can it be carried appropriately?)
  3. Comfort (How comfortable is it?)
  4. Waterproof or Water-resistance

A sleep mat is great for the trips where you are required to pack light, and they roll up to make them even smaller when packing or travelling.

Why should I buy a Floor mat for camping, travel and leisure?

Floor mats are a brilliant solution if you're having to pack light, so can't bring an inflatable bed, but you don't want to sleep directly on the tent floor.

The tent floor can be an uncomfortable and even damp place to sleep, and so you're not guaranteed a comfortable night - you don't want to be awake all night when you have a day full of activities the next morning.

Floor Mats are also great for festivals, when a bed is not able to be taken in - you can take a comfortable floor mat instead and get the best of both worlds.