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Mummy Sleeping Bags

The mummy sleeping bag is one of the most popular and trusted types of sleeping bag on the market. Specifically designed to maximise warmth by hugging to the body, it is widely known, because of its shape, to be one of the best sleeping bags to have if you are camping in all sorts of harsh temperatures.



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How do Mummy sleeping bags work?

A mummy sleeping bag gets its name unsurprisingly for the fact it makes you looks like you've suffered the fate of an Egyptian pharaoh! The design of the bag is fitted much closer to your body, with the shape tapering from head to foot. They follow the natural contours of your body, hugging to your shoulder and hips. This not only reduces surface area but also ensures that air remains trapped close to your body, greatly improving the insulation.

The design of the bag sees it greatly taper at the feet which is another key factor in keeping you warm. Nobody likes having cold feet, particularly when you are trying to sleep, but did you know you lose more heat through the feet than any other part of the body? Well that is exactly what the Mummy sleeping bag is designed for. And for those who really don't like to take their socks off they might want to consider the SelkBag Sleeping Bag Suit - all over body insulation with total freedom of movement.

Who would use a Mummy sleeping bag?

Mummy sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes be it for kids or even with added room in the chest for big guys. The comfort and heat retention are the key features of a Mummy sleeping bag so when you are choosing your size, make sure you get it right! It's little surprise that Mummy Sleeping bags for backpacking are particularly popular, as well as for hikers or any kind of campers that are expecting tough conditions.

Packing a Mummy Sleeping Bag, if done correctly, can mean you have a much more transportable compact sleeping bag than say a rectangular version and this is music to the ears to someone who is going to be carrying one all day.

What else should I consider when buying a Mummy sleeping bag?

Often Mummy sleeping bags will come with either a right hand zip option or a left hand zip option and although this feature may sound trivial its one that can easily confuse people! You want the zip to be on the opposite side to the hand you use as it is easier to unzip when you are inside the bag. So if you are right handed, pick a left hand zip bag and if you are left handed, pick a right hand zip bag, got it?

What are the pros of a Mummy sleeping bag?

  • Provides great insulation due to its good warmth to weight ratio
  • Lightweight and are able to pack down to a compact size

What are the cons of a Mummy sleeping bag?