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Highlander Serenity 450 Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Here’s another fantastic product from Highlander – not that that should surprise you. With almost 20 years’ experience, this is a brand that never fails to impress us with the latest in camping products.

The Serenity 450 Mummy sleeping bag is designed for more extreme camping conditions at a great price and now with a new exciting colour for 2018. Basically, this kit is ideal if you’re gradually getting into more adventurous camping conditions, it’s up there with some of the best kit on the market, without the expensive price tag.

Considering that Highlander was launched up in Scotland, you can feel safe in the knowledge that these people have camped in some pretty chilly temperatures too! What a brave bunch of explorers!

Serenity designed with extreme temperatures in mind

Highlander’s Serenity 450 is a 4 season sleeping bag, perfectly designed for temperatures ranging from -28 degrees Celsius to +6 degrees Celsius – its optimum comfort limit sits in the middle at -4 degrees Celsius.

It’s safe to say that, with these temperatures in mind, this mummy sleeping bag is more suited to someone embarking on a bit of a challenge – a true adventurer who’s finding their feet in a cooler climate that requires warmth and comfort from kit for a good night’s sleep. It’s even got an extra loose outer layer to hold in that warmth.

This one’s definitely aimed at you – keen trekkers!

Getting cosy and serene in cooler climates

So what makes this Highlander Serenity 450 mummy sleeping bag so cosy? You’ve got the double layer hollow fibre to thank for that - of course, that’s when teamed with the Polyester lining, insulated shell material and cosy hood.

You’ve even got an inner security pocket in there, in case you need to keep those valuables cosy with you too.

Compact and practical

The security pocket isn’t the only practical feature this sleeping bag boasts. In true Highlander style, you’ll also find reversible zips, shoulder baffles, anti-snag zip baffles and hanging loops for airing. Those baffles go even further towards keeping you cosy at night, so they’re pretty vital to a good sleep before another day full of exploring.

When packed away into the handy compression sack, you’ll also find this to be an extremely transportable, easy-to-store piece of kit. If you’re trekking, you’ll find the 2000g weight handy too – lightweight for such a heavy-duty sleeping bag.

You’re still going to look good

We all like to look good, and we think this is a pretty smart looking extreme sleeping bag if we do say so ourselves. It’s colourful, sleek and you’re going to look like you mean business. Maybe buying this sleeping bag will give you the confidence you need to sign up for that next big challenge.

Go on, go and make the most of the great outdoors – we know we will be. 

A 4 season mummy sleeping bag.
A 4 season mummy sleeping bag.
A 4 season mummy sleeping bag.

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Open: 230cm x 80cm x 30cm

Packed away: 32cm x 26cm

Weight: 2000g

Season 4

Upper temperature: 6 degrees Celsius

Comfort temperature: -4 degrees Celsius

Lower temperature: -28 degrees Celsius

Available in Red or Orange