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Help Advice -

Frequently asked questions

Further answers to questions can be found on our other help pages. Browse through our extensive FAQs to answer all your questions.

When Will My Order Be Dispatched?

We dispatch all in stock orders the same day if placed before Midday (Monday-Friday). Please note that if you purchase a product through one of our referred merchants then they may have a dispatch policy that may differ from ours.

I haven't received my package. What do I do?

If you haven't received your item when expected then please do contact us as soon as possible if it is an item bought directly from us. We can immediately contact the courier and see if there is a hold up to your package or whether the driver has simply been delayed and may still be able to complete the drop on the day that you expect.

What if I didn’t receive an Order Confirmation?

Our system automatically generates an order confirmation that should be emailed to you using the email that you provided on your order. If you have not received a confirmation by approximately 14:00 (If you placed your order prior to 12:00 to avail of next day delivery) then the first port of call would be to please check your spam or junk email filter box. If it is not found there then by all means do contact us on the telephone number at the top of this page or email us.

What if I didn’t receive an invoice?

A VAT receipt is provided by email for each order, however if you did not receive it or would like an additional VAT invoice then please do contact us and we would be happy to povide such very quickly.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes of course, we completely understand the buying scenarios online and if you should have a change of mind and wish to cancel your order then please just get in touch. It would be very helpful if you would kindly contact us as soon as you have decided on this course of action so that we may be able to catch your item before it is dispatched.

What delivery options can I choose?

Our standard delivery is next business day but we do offer the option of a Saturday delivery for an additional charge. This option can be seen on the dropdown feature on checkout.

When can I expect to receive my order?

As explained above, in normal circumstances, you will receive your item on the next business day if you placed your order before 12:00 on the day of ordering. If you selected a non-standard delivery such as Saturday then naturally you should receive your order that day if you placed your order before 12:00 on the Friday prior.

Can I track or trace my order?

Yes, our system will automatically send you an email with a tracking number and the courier's system then has the facility to text or email you to keep you informed as your package makes its' way to you on the journey.

What if I have received the wrong products?

In the unlikely event of this happening, we would have no hesitation in rectifying the matter. Please contact us straight away so that we can make it right.

Please understand though that many of the products displayed on our website are actually shipped by the merchant that you were directed to and so it should be this entity that you should contact to raise the issue.

There are many products that we hold in our warehouse here in New Alresford and if the incorrect item has been sent out to you, we will instantly despatch the correct item and collect the incorrect goods as we deliver at no cost to you.

What are the Delivery costs?

Our standard delivery is next working day for products that we dispatch from our warehouse and if your spend with us is over £40 then this delivery will be free. There are additional costs for Saturday delivery which can be seen here on our delivery page together with charges to remote areas of the UK or overseas items.

When will the money be charged?

When you purchase an item from us directly, you will be charged straight away but it may take a couple of days for credit card payments to show on your account. Paypal payments can be seen on your account very soon after your order has been paid for.

if you are buying from one of our referred merchants then you will need to contact them if you have any queries on the purchase that you may have made through their website.

Is tax issued with the price?

Yes, we are a UK VAT registered company and as such are required by HMRC to charge VAT at the applicable rate. This VAT element of your purchase will be detailed separately on your invoice.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and Paypal. On checkout on our own website you will see the choice to use either of these facilities and also Paypal Express which gives added convenience.

Do you accept Refunds or Exchanges?

Absolutely. We completely understand the reassurance needed when buying goods online but in particular with clothing that we dispatch from our premises here in Hampshire, we are completely happy for you to return items to us within the returns window of time provided of 14 days.

In the event of a return, we will issue the refund as soon as we receive the item back. With exchanges, as soon as the first item is returned, a replacement will be sent out straight away which can even be the same day in the majority of cases.

We are committed to this type of fast service.

I have returned a product, when I can expect money back?

We don't delay things here - as soon as we have received a returned item and a refund is due, we will implement it straight away. With Paypal purchases, you should see the money returned on the same day. with credit card payments it may be 2-3 days before you see confirmation on your credit card statement.

How can I contact you?

We like to talk to our customers so please feel comfortable in contacting us either by phone or email using the details on our contact us page.

Do you have a phone number?

Yes, and here it is : Tel: (01926) 774026

The number can always be found in the header (At the top) of any page of our website.

What are your working hours?

Our normal working hours are :
Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 17:00
Friday 9:00 - 12:00
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Where does the SelkBag Get it's name from?

SELK´BAG = Sleeping Bag + Selk´Nam

The Selk’nam (as they named themselves, which means “men”) were nomad who lived in Chilean’s Austral Extreme, also known as Land of Smokes and finally as Tierra del Fuego (Land of FIRE), due to the numerous bonfires the natives lit at night and which conquerors could see from open seas.

Hunters and collectors, were characterised by their height (1,80 mts. average), physical strength and toughness to adapt to the most hostile environments with below 0 degrees. They silently resisted cold, fatigue, hunger and thirst. These characteristics made them win European respect, as well as their enemies and neighbours’ fear.

Selk’ams were highly concerned of their personal presentation. Any chance was a good one to paint their bodies and face. A great moment were the Hain ceremonies (initiation ceremonies), in which male teenagers passed to their adultness, after numerous and long mental and physical tests (could last months). These ceremonies were highly secret meetings organized by adult men who simulated universal spirits, with defined figures and personalities. They supposed some emerged from the depth of earth and others from the sky. With help of guanaco skin masks or tree crusts, paint all over their bodies and other elements, they could disfigure with huge success the natural condition of these “actors”.

At the end of the XIXth century, a man who studied Selk’nams, said that once he saw a naked man in the middle of the snow, and he asked him how come he wasn’t cold, that people should only leave their face uncovered. The Selk’nam answered: “I am all face”.

This aesthetic essence, their resistance to the most adverse weather conditions, and the freedom nomads represent, have been the main concept pillars for this product’s image.