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Camping Cutlery and Alfresco Dinner Sets

Camping Cutlery and Camping Dinner Sets

Now your grill and stove are sorted, let’s move onto the vital camping cutlery and dinner sets. You could opt to eat with your hands or use disposable cutlery, but, if you want to save money over the long term and have some dining decorum, camping cutlery is essential.
When choosing your camping cutlery or dinner set, make sure you check;
    •    How easy it is to carry. If you go trekking or hiking, you won’t want to be lugging a hamper full of dinnerware, make sure the cutlery you choose is fit for purpose.
    •    How easy it is to clean. Cleaning cutlery isn’t always easy, especially if you’re camping wild without cleaning facilities.
    •    How robust it is. The last thing you want to ensure is that the cutlery and dinner set is robust enough to last in a rugged outdoors environment. Camping is not the place for porcelain.
The last thing you will need before you tuck in is a picnic mat to earmark an area for dining so pick one of those up too!
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