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Quechua 2 in 1 Sleeping Bag MH500 15°C L - BLUE

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"You unfold and then sleep. Our designers have developed this extremely comfortable 2-in-1 sleeping solution, setting up in record time and with minimum bulk.

Increase compactness thanks to the honeycomb structure of the mattress and 2-in-1 system. The comforter and mattress can be joined together, making it the perfect companion for weekends away for two."

  • Compact design: Size: H 34 cm Ø 23 cm / Volume 14LWeight 2.15 kg
  • Ease of use: 2-in-1 solution: Integrated mattress and sleeping bag. No pump required.
  • Optimum temperature: Comfort temperature 15°C, temperature limit 12°C
  • Sleeping quality: 60 x 185 x 3 cm.The mattress has honeycomb structure to combine comf. & compact.
  • Compatibility: All Sleepin Beds can be twinned, whatever the side of the temperature in °C.
  • Repair: Spare parts available online or from your Decathlon workshop.


We recommend you unpack and unroll you Sleepin Bed as soon as you arrive in camp. Open the zip that keeps the product folded in two and lay it flat, then leave the “IN” valve open for around 10 minutes to make inflation easier. Inflation is topped up by mouth. To check if the inflation level is correct, once seated on it you should be able to lightly feel the ground underneath. Once the mattress is inflated, it will be easy to zip on your duvet.


  • Open the “OUT” valve on the Sleepin Bed then open fully the zips on each side of the duvet. Fold the product in two with the duvet inside and fasten the mattress zips together.
  • Part the head and roll towards the feet applying pressure on the mattress in order to deflate.
  • Tip: use your knees to gradually apply pressure on the mattress to deflate.

Use temperature

  • All our sleeping bags display the temperature ratings, tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX), in accordance with the European standard NF ISO 23537 - 2017.
  • The "comfort temperature" is the lower comfort limit at which a user in relaxed position is in overall thermal balance and is neither hot nor cold (determined for an average woman in normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag according to this criterion.

What are the temperature "limits" at which it can be used?

Limit temperature: temperature limit at which the user of the sleeping bag in huddled-up position is generally in thermal equilibrium and is neither cold nor hot (determined for a standard man under normal conditions of use).


A sleeping bag does not produce heat but retains the heat produced by the body. If you are tired and cold and you slip inside a cold, damp sleeping bag, it is very likely that you will feel cold no matter how good your sleeping bag is! A few tips: Dress simply (1 layer of clothing is enough). Warm-up your extremities: hats, gloves, socks, foot-warmers, rubs. Use a sleeping bag liner to maximise the heat inside your sleeping bag.

Our environmental approach:

  • Quechua is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products. For this sleeping bag we have used to Biton process to dye one thread in every two. Dyeing has an environmental water impact (consumption & pollution).
  • This is still not enough and that's why we are working to make this sleeping bag eco-designed one day.

Warranty/After-sales service

  • As designers and users who love our playing field, we care about the durability of our products, that is why all our tents are designed to be repairable.
  • If you have any problem, have your product looked at in your nearest Decathlon store.