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QUECHUA - Inflatable Camping Mattress Air Comfort

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Quote from The Merchant's Website:

"Our camping designers have created this Air Comfort mattress with a flat sleeping structure for two campers looking for greater comfort.

Our motivation? To offer you a 140 cm mattress with a flat structure that distributes the air volume for more comfort."

  • Sleeping quality: Dimensions 200 x 140 x 17 cm | Flat sleeping surface and velvet feel
  • Durability: Mattress approved to withstand at least 80 inflation/deflating cycles
  • Easy assembly / dismantling: Pump inflation: 1 minute 30 / Anti-return valve
  • Easy transport: Weight: 4.2 Kg | Volume: 8.2L | Travel pouch | Repair kit included
  • Compatibility: Can be inflated with all our camping pumps(foot, hand, electric)

Inflation and Comfort

The ideal inflation for this kind of mattress is generally moderate (0.02 BAR or 0.3 PSI), which, when you are sitting on the mattress, allows you to feel the ground under you. Once you lie down, the mattress will fit around your body and therefore provide the best comfort. We recommend using a pump type: Quechua 5.2 L red (8243066) which is our most efficient and leading model.

Mattress size inflated

The length indicated is guaranteed within a range of +/-10% depending on the pressure to which the mattress is inflated.


  • Because we are aware that we must act to preserve our playground, Quechua is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products.
  • Today, this product is not eco-designed, but we work every day to make it more responsible: eco-design, repairability and sustainability are at the heart of our developments.