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FORCLAZ - Insulated Foam Folding Mattress - Grey

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Quote from The Merchant's Website:

"Our team has designed this extra-long and insulating, folding mattress to help you get a better night's sleep when resting in nature.

480 g. Dimensions: 195 x 55 x 2 cm. With our longest groundsheet it is versatile and insulating (R-value 2.2). 10-year guarantee - Accordion folding design."

  • Abrasion resistance: Aluminised film which reduces abrasion.
  • Easy transport: 480 g. 12.4 litre volume. Accordion folding shape. Elastic support.
  • Sleeping quality: Size 195 x 55 x 2 cm. Thick & comfortable with its relief.Thermal insulation.
  • Thermal insulation: For temperate env. >5°C. Alu. coated layerR-value standard ASTM F3340-18: 2,2
  • Easy assembly / dismantling: Easy accordion folding. Use as a seat, mat, cushion or half-mattress.

Volume and folded size

  • Folded size 15 x 14 x 55 cm. Elastic support.12.4 litre volume. Weight including the pack: 480 g
  • Density of the foam 30kg/m3. Dual-fabric foam.

What is the R-Value?

  • The R-Value is a measure of the thermal insulation. It measures the ability of a mattress to retain or prevent heat from escaping from a warm body (human body) to a cold floor.
  • The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation of the mattress.
  • Please note that the R-Values can be added; this means that you can use two mattresses and add their R-Values.
  • All our mattresses are tested to standard ASTM F3340-18.

What R-Value for what use?

  • R-value from 0 to 1.9: Hot season (summer) only
  • R-value from 2 to 3: 2 or 3-season (spring-summer-autumn)
  • R-value from 3 to 4: 4-season
  • R-value of 4.5 and higher: Use in all 4 seasons and in extreme conditions (glacier, far north and high altitudes)

Comfortable postural support

  • Sleep on aluminised side, facing the sleeping bag with foam side on the ground to minimise losses of body heat.
  • For a foam mattress, this mattress offers a greater level of comfort thanks to its design and the depth given to the foam by the mould. This specific design allows for 2 cm mattress thickness, giving home comfort and real postural support.


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