Windsocks and Flags

With the variety of cool, colourful equipment available, it’s easy to see why so many campers opt for unique and funky styles to set themselves apart. But when all is said and done, a lot of the gear and even campervans still look nearly identical.

Our latest collection of decorative windsocks, spinners and colourful flags not only makes finding your campervan simple, they also lend a touch of unique, quirkiness to your campsite.

Our fun Cool Camper windsock has been joined by a collection of rainbow bright windsocks and spinners and even a clownfish.  And while one is fun, why not place a few turbo twisters next to each other and watch them spin in the breeze?

We’ve all had those embarrassing days when we resort to pressing the alarm button on our key fobs to locate our vehicles.  And while a screaming alarm may be tolerable in a crowded city lot, it’s not the way you want to greet your neighbours in the great outdoors.

Tie them directly to your vehicle or give them a little more height and exposure using the six metre long windsock ground pole. No matter where you choose to hang them your campsite will be instantly given a touch of individuality.   

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