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Pirate 3D Windsock Sculpture

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Pirate Windsculpture Dimensions

110cm Long

Aye, Aye matey! What better way to stand out from the crowd with this 3D Pirate Windsock Sculpture.

Fashioned out of extremely durable, weather resistant polyester fabric, wherever you take it, you’ll brighten up the outdoor space with this eye catching Pirate Windsock and put a smile on people’s faces. A big black and blue cape that billows in the wind, skull and crossbones hat, red stripy top and a very striking hairy moustachioed pirate glaring back with an eye patch. So you’ll be spotted from far away too, meaning there is no excuse for you or family and friends losing their way. Windsocks are a fun way to mark your territory or simply keep visible so your camper, caravan, beach location or festival site is clearly seen by anyone in your group, so you’ll never lose your tent or caravan again. Pirate Windsock also watches over your pitch when you’re on holiday, making sure no one steals any treasure.

Fun Windsock

Maybe you’re a closet pirate aficionado or maybe you harbour dreams of wishing you were more like Captain Hook rather than Peter Pan. Whatever the answer, you’re sure to have a jolly good time with this super large, over 1m long, windsock Pirate character.  So you can bring colour and life to your festival or camping spot, or just let your friends know that you’ve shimmied up to the front of the main stage.

Best Way To Deter Seagulls

This 3D Pirate windsock looks fantastic flying in the lovely summer breeze. All you need is a telescopic flagpole using the swivel clip attachment (its easy and quick to  attach to a windsock pole) and your pirate will be flying high this summer or you could tie him to a tree in the garden. Besides the fun factor, this novelty windsock acts as a great seagull deterrent, so you cut out any early morning squawking wake-up calls and noisy stamping on the roof of your caravan.

Easy Landmark

Save the embarrassment of forgetting where you pitched up. This novelty 3D Pirate windsock eliminates the stress by doing all the work for you in a highly visible way. Whatever way we can enhance your holiday or trip, we try our best to think of everything about the great outdoors. We have a huge choice of funky windsocks to choose from here at Planet Camping and all the necessary Poles and Ground Stakes to keep the Windsocks and Spinners secure.