QUECHUA Multifunctional camping kitchen unit - Tepee

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"Our designers have eco-designed this innovative Tepee kitchen unit, which has been thought through to the last detail for a fun camping experience.

Our motivation? To make cooking easier when camping!You will find kitchen comforts:big working area, sink, storage, high hanging hooks, bin stand."

  • User comfort: Height : 90 cm | Dimensions when unfolded:173 x 125 x 110 cm | 3 trays
  • Compact design: volume: 82L | Dimensions when folded: 113x5214cmTray: 96cmx35cmWeight: 14,6 kg
  • Easy transport: Compact once folded | Storage bag | Reinforced handle and shoulder strap
  • Easy opening / closing: Build the structure | Put the trays on with the boxes | Fit the sink
  • Stability: 3 adjustable height feet with rotating base to adapt to the terrain
  • Waterproof: Rain cover so you can leave the unit outside
  • Durability: The entire unit withstands 50 kg with a maximum of 20 kg per tray
  • Ecodesign: Every second yarn dyed to reduce environmental impact

Recommendations for use

  • The Tepee structure lets you cook for several people in a sociable way.
  • A big working area in 3 parts for cooking:prepare, cook and dry.
  • 3 built-in storage boxes (60 L each) with ergonomic access and door, removable divider and storage net.
  • 1 snap hook to hand a jerrycan, a lamp.
  • 1 removable sink that can hold 5 litres of water with its drainage tube.
  • 1 removable windshield.
  • 1 bin stand.
  • When full, two people should move the unit.


Take care of the countryside and recover used water by placing a jerrycan (sold separately) on the ground, under the sink and push in a section of the pipe to empty your sink. For ease, we recommend you use a 10 L jerrycan (minimum). Then use the necessary facilities to empty the used water from the jerrycan.


  • A waterproof, protective cover means you can leave the unit outside in bad weather.
  • Laboratory tested in tropical rain.Unit under a shower:200 L of water per hour per sqm for 3 hours.This cover also protects your belongings from dust and morning dew, then you can leave for the day with peace of mind leaving your belongings out of sight.


Steel structure | 14.6 kg with the cover


  • We have designed this unit to make set up as intuitive and easy as possible.Visual instructions can be found in the storage bag.
  • - Unpack the tubes, the top part and slot in the 3 feet.
  • - Open the support tubes, slide and clip each tray into its 2 support tubes by pointing the tray arrows towards the centre.
  • - Fasten the trays to each other.
  • - Fit the sink in the middle.
  • - Finally, adjust the feet height if required.


To take it down, follow the assembly steps in reverse.Then put the parts in the storage bag in the pockets provided for this.

Maintenance advice

Our camping furniture has been designed for occasional outdoor use when camping, in your garden or the great outdoors. Continued exposure to UV rays over several weeks can damage the furniture. These products are not classified as “garden furniture” and aren’t designed to be left outdoors permanently. To guarantee maximum durability of your kitchen unit, it's important to store it when not in use.


If needed, you can find the side tray online in after-sales service.The reference code is:8652329. Copy the code and paste it into our website search function.

We have reduced our environmental impact on this product

  • We have improved this product with an eco-design approach to dyeing materials.
  • Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce our environmental impact, we use a mass pigmentation process that involves adding the colour pigments when the yarn itself is produced.
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