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Go outdoors - Background and Company Information

Go Outdoors are nother huge household name in the UK due to their constant improvements and media presence over the years.Increasing their stocks and stoores over the past two decades has made them a reliable retailer of camping goods by giving confidence to consumers that they can visit a store in the old fashioned way and actaully lay their hands on the product that they want.

Go Outdoors often have roomy indoor and outdoor areas where people can view major purchase decisoiins like tents, for example.

The company based in Sheffield was started and established in 1998 by Paul Caplan and John Graham, and backed by YFM Equity Partners and, latterly, 3i Group. JD Sports Fashion's other outdoor brands include Blacks, Millets, and Tiso.

Chris Matthews - Chief Executive Officer, GO Outdoors Ltd.

The company has been owned by JD Sports since 2017. There are 65 GO Outdoors locations in the United Kingdom as of March 11, 2022.

The Country with the most number of GO Outdoors locations in the UK is England, with 56 locations, which is 86% of all GO Outdoors locations in the UK.

Go Outdoors Head Office

Cuthbert House

Arley Street


S2 4QP

Contact Number 0330 008 1555

Go Outdoors products:

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