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Shore Striped Windbreak - Easy Camp

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Dimensions 480 x 85cm

Pack size 100 x 10cm

Weight 1.1Kg

Fabric 100% non woven polyester

Windbreak Instructions

Unlike some windbreaks with complex setup procedures the Shore Striped Windbreak is a joy to erect. You will likely need assistance due to the size and potentially battling against the wind so hopefully you will have a camping partner on board to assist you. Think of the process as holding one end of the duvet each.

You should lay out the windbreak flat on the ground, then thread the poles. The poles are all pre-attached, so they will just need putting together. There are 4 poles in total per windbreak and assembling these should take no more than a couple of minutes.
Once you have fixed the poles into their sleeves (ensuing that the pole spikes are all facing groundward) you can then set up the windbreak in an upright position. It is always best to do this at an angle to the wind direction so that the windbreak not only creates an effective barrier to the wind but also transports the wind energy along the length of the wind break and away. Ordinarily a shallow angle of 20-45 degrees will suffice and will prevent the windbreak being a head on barrier.

Of course, the Shore Striped Windbreak can be used in such a fashion and be placed as a direct barrier at a 90-degree angle to the oncoming wind however this will likely cause wear and tear in the long run. When upright and pitched into the ground you will notice at the top of the two outside pole fixtures there are guy-lines which can be unravelled and then hooked into the ground. It is important when fixing guy-lines to do so with almost full tension in the cord. Still allow a fraction of play in the guy line as a heavy wind could potentially lift the windbreak and pull the fixtures, a completely tense guy-line then creates a very nasty catapult for the metal hook. Having a bit of play in the guy-line allows it to move a bit more naturally in the event something drastic happens.And that is it, from start to finish the process should take no more than 5 minutes.

A Versatile Camping Solution

The Shore Striped Windbreak from Easy Camp is a durable and robust four-poled windbreak, with an eye-catching colourful striped design and guy-lines for additional stability. A fantastic bit of camping and beach equipment that will offer wind protection and privacy whether you’re at a campsite, festival or beach. The Shore Striped Windbreak will heighten any camping experience.

Product Features:

  • Easy to clean polyester
  • 4 x Steel Poles
  • Matching Carry Bag included
  • Long length
  • Guy Lines

The Shore Striped Windbreak provides a simple and inexpensive solution to most wind related problems. From enclosing a picnic/BBQ/cooking area to acting as a complete windbreak for your tent this is a must have bit of camping equipment.

The Shore Striped Windbreak is one of our favourite windbreaks because it is lightweight and easily transportable with supplied bag and only weighing 1.1Kg.
The materials used are modern, lightweight and durable. The stainless-steel spikes are exceptional for penetrating deep and being sturdy. They also do not rust because they are steel so can be used time and again.

Quick to escape the wind

It also benefits from being a truly brilliant universal windbreak. Use it for diverting wind from any tent offering noise reduced sleep. Cook and set up the windbreak to allow cooking in a completely wind free environment and at family campsites to allow that extra bit of privacy.
To that end the Shore Striped Windbreak can be used at festivals, campsites and beaches protecting you from the pesky wind as well as nosey neighbours.
The Shore Striped Windbreak comes with a matching carry bag and is made from durable polyester that can be cleaned with complete ease. It is also one of the most inexpensive windbreaks available on the market, making it a truly awesome bit of camping kit for amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Easy to set up your Shore Striped Windbreak

First, before all other considerations, you need to know which direction the wind is travelling in to set up the Windbreak effectively. You can buy equipment to determine the direction of the wind, some of it technical and complex, others basic (such as a windsock). We prefer the good old-fashioned way of licking the index finger, holding it up and rotating slowly until we feel the cold air hit.
Other indicators are as obvious as looking at nearby trees and seeing in which direction their branches are bending or if you’re close to calm waters seeing if the wind is causing ripples. You can even improvise with your own sock on a stick and see if you can catch the wind that way.