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The Best Sleeping Bags for 2022

Last updated on November 14th, 2022 at 01:11 pm

A good sleeping bag is crucial for an enjoyable camping trip, they’re comfortable, warm and are the main component towards a good nights sleep in your tent.

We’ve put together a list of the best sleeping bags for your camping trips in 2022.

Types of the Best Sleeping Bag

There are many types of sleeping bag, all serving different purposes – but all designed to keep you warm.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping bags are one of the most popular and trusted types of sleeping bag – they are designed to maximise warmth, and their shape hugs the body, making them great for camping in harsh temperatures.

Square Sleeping Bags

Square sleeping bags are great for providing room whilst you sleep – they are more spacious than the mummy sleeping bags and are good for people who like to move around in their sleep!

Extra Wide Sleeping Bags

The Extra wide sleeping bag is exactly as it says! It’s extra wide – meaning even more room than a square one!

Cotton Sleeping Bag

Cotton sleeping bags bring you even closer to nature, with natural fibre material. Some may include 100% Cotton (including filling) whereas others may have synthetic fillings – they’re great for keeping comfortable.

Double Sleeping Bags

Again, double sleeping bags are given away by the name – they allow two people to sleep together, whilst still providing the same characteristics to keep you warm as a normal sleeping bag. An ideal solution for couples heading on a trip!

Kids Sleeping Bags

Functional and fun sleeping bags, to keep the kids as comfortable and warm as the adults. Some have novelty designs.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Highlander Pac-Tec 200 Mummy Sleeping Bag

A blue and black mummy sleeping bag with a hood

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Temperature Rating: -14°C (lower limit)
  • Filling: 200gsm 3D Micro 100% Polyester

The Highlander Pac-Tec 200 is a leading products with the highest spec in the Pac-Tec Range! It has a comfort temperature of 6 degrees and an extreme temperature rating of -14 degrees, so it will surely keep you warm all night!

This mummy sleeping bag is made from the best hard-wearing materials, making it very durable and also practical, being as it is made from lightweight polyester!

Reasons to choose Highlander Pac-Tec 200 Mummy Sleeping Bag:

  1. Water Resistant
  2. Lightweight (1.3kg)
  3. Non-allergenic
  4. Easy to fold away

Vango Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag

A light blue mummy sleeping bag with a hood

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Comfort Rating: 1°C
  • Filling: Thermal embrace system
  • Rating: 3-4 Season

The Vango Latitude 300 is best suited for expeditions and adventures – a great choice for Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh participants. It features an aluminised reflective lining which reflects radiated body heat.

Reasons to choose the Vango Latitude Sleeping Bag:

  1. Four strap compression stuff sack included
  2. Featured on DofE award recommended kit list
  3. Internal pocket for safe storage

Forclaz Feather Sleeping Bag Trek 900

A grey and teal sleeping bag with a hood

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: approx. 695g
  • Comfort Rating: Best in temperatures above and equal to 10º
  • Filling: Feather

The final mummy sleeping bag on our best list, is the forclaz feather sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is designed for campers that spend many nights outdoors throughout the whole year. It is luxurious and comfortable, as well as incredibly lightweight!

Reasons to choose the Forclaz Feather Sleeping Bag Trek 900:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Water Repellent Fabric
  3. 2 Covers
  4. Easy to transport

Square Sleeping Bags

Constellation Sleeping Bag by Outwell

A green puffy sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 2100g
  • Temperature Limit: 7ºC for Women & 3ºC for Men 
  • Filling: Single layer of 900 fill Isofill Premium
  • Rating: 2-3 Season

This is an award winning sleeping bag, which is the top-performing bag by Outwell. It makes spending a night outdoors just as comfortable as your bed at home! It’s great for keen campers, allowing easy movement and a great nights sleep.

Reasons to choose the Constellation Sleeping Bag by Outwell:

  1. 100% Cotton Lining
  2. Zip off hood
  3. Can be zipped with another bag to make a double
  4. Rectangular Shape

Extra Wide Sleeping Bags

Skandika Vegas XXL Sleeping Bag

An orange and black sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: Approx 1.9kg
  • Temperature Rating: Extreme -12c
  • Rating: Season 3

The Skandika Vegas is a great sleeping bag for those who like to move around lots in their sleep. It has a very generous size of 220 x 110cm and can even be doubled up with another! This sleeping bag also has an internal security pocket so that any valuables or devices can be stored close to you at night.

Reasons to choose the Skandika Vegas XXL Sleeping Bag:

  1. Dimensions 220cm (length) x 110cm wide
  2. Stuff Sac included
  3. Can be doubled up

Highlander Sleep Capsule XL

A black oval shaped sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Filling: 250g/m² mono hollow fibre
  • Temperature Rating: 8c (comfort) & 5c (Lower limit)

With this sleeping bag, you can stretch out when needed and with a super soft lining and full length two way zip sleeping under the stars while at festivals or camping will be easy.

Reasons to choose the Highlander Sleep Capsule XL:

  1. Extra wide
  2. Oversized Mummy Style
  3. Internal Security Pocket
  4. 2 Season
  5. Full Length 2 Way Zip

Cotton Sleeping Bags

Arpenaz Cotton Sleeping Bag by Quechua

A blue and grey cotton, rectangle sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.15kg
  • Rating: 2 Season

The Arpenaz Cotton Sleeping Bag is a great bag. It is a comfortable size and ideal for those who prefer natural fibres next to their skin. The soft cotton gives the feel of being at home and with the full length zip it can also be turned into a duvet.

Reasons to choose the Arpenaz Cotton Sleeping Bag:

  1. 2 Metre Length
  2. Full Length Zip
  3. Super Soft Cotton
  4. Easy to transport
  5. Easy to wash

Summer Stripe Luxury Cotton Sleeping Bag

A stripy cotton sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Width & Length: 90cm by 180cm (length)
  • Filling: Cotton Wadding

With natural fibres, this handmade soft luxury combed cotton sleeping bag is just what you need for a good night’s sleep. Made from 100 per cent natural cotton inside and out and dyed using natural colourfast dyes. Durable and beautifully quilted. The size is generous being larger than a standard size of a single sleeping bag, giving the user extra space to stretch out.

Features of the Summer Stripe Luxury Cotton Sleeping Bag:

  1. 100% Cotton Lining & Filling
  2. Extra Large Size
  3. Matching Drawstring Bag supplied
  4. Durable
  5. Ideal for Spring and Summer use

Double Sleeping Bags

Outwell Camper Lux Double Sleeping Bag

A striped and navy double sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: Approx 4kg
  • Temperature Rating: -23c (Low) 3/4 season

The Lux Double is built with a 2700gram Isofill, synthetic fill. It is constructed with stitched baffles that are laid out in an offset configuration keeping cool air from entering through seams. It has built-in pillows for extra comfort and it can be easily folded into a sack for storage.

Reasons to choose the Outwell Camper Lux Double Sleeping Bag:

  1. 100% Cotton Lining
  2. Outer Polycotton
  3. Easy Glide Zip System
  4. Can be turned into 2 singles

Kids Sleeping Bags

Junior Sleepline 300 Mummy Sleeping Bag

A blue kids sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 800g
  • Rating: 3 season

The Highlander Sleepline is one of the best sleeping bags for children. It’s essential to keep the kids warm when you’re about on your travels, and this bag will do just that! It is made from cotton-feel polyester and has a pull cord around the hood. It also comes with a stuff sac for easy transportation.

Reasons to choose the Junior Sleepline 300:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Hanging loops
  3. Comfort Temperature 6c
  4. Soft inner fabric

Highlander Kids Creature Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag with a panda printed on it

Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Rating: 2 Season
  • Filling: 300g/m2 Mono Hollow-fibre

This bag is practical, comfortable and fun for the kids! It has an animal design, and is available as a panda, ladybug, shark or turtle! It is great for outdoor camping, and can also be used for kids sleepovers.

Reasons to choose the Highlander Kids Creature Sleeping Bag:

  1. Backpack Stuff Sac
  2. Shell 190T Polyester
  3. Pack Size 40 x 24 x 18cm

We hope you find the best sleeping bag for you in this blog post, and if you’re still in doubt, check out this Sleeping Bag Buying Guide!, and if you’re looking for something slightly different, we highly recommend self inflating sleeping mats, like this sleeping pad from RUNACC.

You can also check out our The Best Sleeping Bag Suits Blog post for a modern and unique take on the sleeping bag!