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The process of deciding which bag to purchase is time-consuming enough as it is; you shouldn’t have to search through an endless online list once you have your sights set on a certain style. For this reason, our bags have all been divided up into a few simple categories. Each bag’s description provides information such as temperature rating, insulation fill, and construction to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for in a sleeping bag.

If you are completely undecided on a style, take a look at our How to Choose a Sleeping Bag Guide to gain insight into all the parameters involved in choosing the perfect bag. It will ensure that you are looking at all the variables and not just picking one based on colour, although with children’s bags, the latter is always an option!

So whether you're after sleeping bags for teens or you want the best sleeping bag for -28 degrees, you've come to the right place here at Planet Camping. We offer what we consider the best rated products at competitive prices, so keep your eyes peeled for the best deals!

As you can see above, we have divided each of our sleeping bags into separate sections so that finding your bag of choice is all the more simpler - we're nice that like that! So if you're after the insulation qualities of a mummy or the space offered by a square sleeping bag, we make it all the easier to find just what you are looking for.

Mummy bags are gaining in popularity; not only are they perfect for camping, they are lightweight and small enough to be carried on a trek. With a mummy sack, you’re able to sleep at base camp for a few nights and then stuff your sleeping bag into a rucksack and wander off into the country for a few more nights under the stars.  We offer styles with a variety of temperature ratings to ensure comfort no matter what the weather brings.  

Because Planet Camping’s primary focus is on camping, our Rectangular bags remain a sought-after standard. Not only are they roomy enough for virtually any sleeping position, they fit perfectly on a camping or caravan bed, which will be a necessity if you’re going to be roughing it for a fortnight or more. The styles we carry vary from a simple duvet-like zippered bag to a double-layered bag with an included pillow.

With the decision-making process a bit overwhelming, opting for a pod shape sleeping bag is the perfect balance between a backpack ready bag and camp comfort. These light to mid-weight oblong sleeping bags provide more room to move with a wider profile and feature lightweight, packable construction for your car or pack.

If your camping style involves chilling out around a fire pit and keeping warm with your loved one, a double sleeping bag may be exactly what you are looking for. Roomy enough for two, they are ideal for a campervan getaway. Additionally, you may want to keep one handy for impromptu fireside cuddles when winter blows the cold air through the windowpanes.

While a double sleeping bag is also a great solution for the young ones, especially if they are scared of the dark and need some hugs, eventually they’ll want their own bag. Planet Camping has the perfect collection of both mummy and rectangular bags specifically proportioned for your little ones. From fun designs for spring and summer camping to the techie Sleepline 300 mummy bag, we have your little ones’ adventures covered. Beyond the Sleepline bag’s technical add-ons, color is often the biggest decision making factor for kids.

So don't get yourself wrapped up in the buying process, get wrapped up in a new sleeping bag instead! Whilst here at Planet Camping our primary focus - believe it or not - is towards sleeping bags for camping, it doesn't mean that our range doesn't include sleeping bags for a whole host of other options.

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