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Planet Camping Outdoor Living

As spring gives way to summer and the weather makes a more permanent change toward warmth, the enjoyment of being outside increases dramatically. Our gardens become so much more than something to look at – they become somewhere to socialise, to read, to eat and enjoy the weather in.

With our range of outdoor living products, you can transform your garden into a genuine outdoor space that makes you want to spend time in it. A place where you can enjoy the long summer days with friends and family.

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Garden Furniture Options

Across our range we offer a huge variety of garden furniture options. No matter what style of garden you have, whether it’s a small, city-centre apartment balcony or an expansive country garden, we have something that is suitable and can transform any garden space.

For the smaller balcony gardens, a cushion box doubles as both seating and storage. If you need a bench we have multiple different options. A small table and chairs can take even a small space and transform it into a legitimate outdoor dining area.

If you want something extra casual, we offer a range of outdoor bean bags that are perfect for comfortable lounging around in the garden.

Rattan Furniture

If your budgets are a little bigger and you want to go the extra mile with your outdoor living, rattan furniture is the best option. It ticks so many boxes for you – it’s largely weather-proof, it’s comfortable, it’s portable, it looks great and it’s easy to clean.

Rattan comes in a range of different styles, from corner sofa arrangements to two-person dining sets. There’s something for everyone there, so take a look at the options to suit any of the spaces you may have.


If the strong sunshine puts you off the idea of enjoying outdoor dining or working, our range of parasols will make sure you can enjoy the outdoors without the sun beating down on you. Whether you’re looking for a beach parasol or something a little more substantial for the garden, take a look at our range here.

A parasol will make the glare of the sun rendering your laptop screen unreadable a thing of the past! Let’s face it – if you’re working from home and the sun is out, who wouldn’t prefer to be in the garden rather than a home office?!


Surely the peak of garden relaxation can be found in a hammock?! What better way to while away the summer days than gently swinging in a hammock, immersed in a good book, or with a refreshing drink for company?

With our range of hammocks there’s something for everyone, from travel hammocks to hammock chairs. They’re also available in single or two-person options, so if you’d like to join a friend or partner, go ahead!

See our range of hammocks here.

Swimming Pools

On the hottest of days, there are few nicer ways to enjoy a break from the heat than in a swimming pool – if you’ve got kids then the enjoyment level goes up a few more notches! Paddling pool fun is available to all with our wide range of pools – in here there’s something for a range of sizes and budgets!

Garden swimming pool range.

Outdoor Living Inspiration

Outdoor living is so much more than lying on a towel in the grass – use our range of outdoor furniture ideas to inspire you to get out in the garden more and make the most of the space available to you! Summer doesn’t last forever, so take advantage whilst you can!