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Forget the Happy Camper – be a Hygge Camper!

As our ability to travel has been hampered, we’ve had to start looking closer to home to find our adventure fix. Taking inspiration from our Danish friends, we’re embracing the concept of hygge and making our camping experiences feel warm, cosy and comfortable!

Although there’s no literal translation of the word hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’), it essentially means ‘pleasure in simple things’. Whether that’s a conversation with a friend, the feeling of a warm jumper, the glow of a fire etc. it’s about making the simple enjoyable.

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to making your camping experience a hygge one…

The right kind of tent

A social camping experience, where everyone shares the same space, is a perfect example of hygge camping. The Cozy House Outdoor Waterproof Four Seasons Family Bell Tent is perfect for that – it’s a strong, waterproof and warm tent with an ideal space to fill with sleeping bags, pillows, cushions and the like.

The round tent makes for a far more sociable camping experience than tents with separate rooms.

The perfect lighting

Lighting is fundamental to creating a hygge camping experience. In fact the Danes themselves are known to be very particular about lighting, with them spending more per person on lighting and candles than any other nation on earth!

In your hygge camping experience don’t settle for any old lighting – take it to the next level with these solar powered ‘Warm White Carnival Solar Festoon Lights’. They have multiple effects to change the look and feel of the lights.

Making social sleeping as comfortable as possible

There’s nothing that ruins a camping experience more than a poor night’s sleep, so avoid that problem with a comfortable roll up bed. These thick mattresses allow you to have a deep sleep whilst keeping you warm and cosy.

The Harbour Stripe Woven Cotton Roll Up Bed is the perfect option for a hygge camping experience – no creaky fold up beds, no thin, uncomfortable ground roll mats. Just warm, luxurious comfort!

Taking seating to a whole new level of comfort

A camping experience just can’t be hygge if you’re sitting in uncomfortable chairs! Upgrade your camping comfort to a whole new level of luxury with an Outwell Kentucky Lake Chair. With a thick layer of padding, an adjustable headrest, and a nice round shape for maximum surface area, you won’t want to get up onto your feet!

Daytime rest

When it comes to pleasure in simple things, few things are more pleasurable than gently swinging in a hammock whilst enjoying a good book and your favourite snack!

The Thermarest Solo 1 Person Hammock is the perfect way to while away the time without a care in the world. No social media, no constant emails, no phone calls. Just enjoy a level of relaxation you’ll struggle to find elsewhere! What can be more hygge than that?

What’s camping without a fire?

Camping and a fire go together like sausage and mash. There’s something so ancestral about the warmth and light that a fire provides, so it absolutely HAS to feature in a hygge camping experience.

If you want to go the whole way with the campfire experience, these 80cm Cast Iron Fire Bowls are ideal – they’re big enough to kick out some serious heat, but small enough to keep under control. They’ll also only need a limited amount of wood to keep burning, unlike a huge fire pit which can burn through wood very quickly.

These Swedish Eco Torches make for a perfect addition to a hygge camp site. They’re only £10, so won’t cost the earth. They’re also safe, easy to use and are a perfect amount of fire to do some very basic cooking on. They’re also ideal for toasting marshmallows and the like!

Cool weather, warm drinks

As the sun goes down and the temperature drops a couple of degrees, a hot chocolate or coffee can be the perfect antidote to the slight nip in the air.

A hygge camping experience doesn’t allow for cold, thin, enamel cups that burn your hands and make a supposedly pleasurable experience a horrible one! Instead, why not go with one of these Happy Glamper Outdoor Mugs where you can enjoy a hot drink without burning your hands!

Staying warm, but staying out

Is there anything nicer than a warm blanket on a cold day? It’s the epitome of hygge. You don’t need to spend the earth to stay warm either, as these Quechua Polar Fleece Blankets prove.

They’re only £5.99 and have thermal insulation, keeping you warm and snuggly whatever the weather! For outdoor life, they’re perfect! You can stay outside without the dropping temperature ruining your fun.

Taking comfort to new heights

If you want to experience a level of comfort that’s difficult to match, a bean bag could be the perfect solution! At home, indoors or outdoors, it’s light enough to move around but sturdy enough for you to move around and fidget in until you find the perfect comfortable position!

Relive your childhood with this huge Joules Indoor Outdoor Beanbag. It could be the best (certainly some of the most comfortable) money you spend on your hygge camping experience!

The hygge camping experience at home

Sometimes the best adventures can be had in your own back garden – rather than take all of this equipment with you to a campsite, why not create your perfect hygge camp site in your back garden? A place where you can do what you want and create the perfect space and atmosphere for your hygge camping experience.

Alongside being a perfect opportunity to have fun and make special memories with family and friends, it’s also a chance to take a space you’re used to and create something new and exciting out of. A hygge campsite at home is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of those special summer nights.

It’ll be an experience you’ll want to repeat time and again over the years.