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"Our dedicated trail running team designed these shoes for your long-distance runs (up to 170 km) on mountain paths.

Are you preparing for an ultra or long-distance trail race? These lightweight shoes, with powerful grip and effective cushioning, will help you swallow up height differences and boost your times."

  • Traction: 5 mm lugs provide excellent traction on all types of terrain.
  • Cushioning: Greater cushioning on rocky ground and over the long term with Kalensole foam.
  • Lightweight: Featherweight shoes to run in: only 285 g in size 8.5!
  • Fitting comfort: Comfortable from 0 to 170 km thanks to the breathable footwear and thick foam.
  • Grip: The high-performance rubber offers excellent grip on all terrain.
  • Energy return: Low drop (8 mm) for dynamic propulsion and good cushioning.
  • Anatomic design: Your shoes are suitable for every stride type thanks to the K-Only technology.

A new race shoe designed for your long technical runs and ultra-trails.

The RACE ULTRA completes our competition trail shoe range. It will help you perform for your ultra-trails on technical, mountainous and rocky terrain. Take on downhills with confidence thanks to their cushioning, powerful grip and great support.

A high-performance shoe tested on prestigious ultramarathons

Our testers used an ITRA index of above 700 (at national level) to guarantee a shoe dedicated to ultra-trail runners seeking performance. The result? The RACE ULTRA has already run prestigious races such as the Festa Trail, the Ultra Pas du Diable (with a podium at the 120 km distance), the Transkarukera and the famous Diagonale des Fous. Ready to go?

Lightweight and comfortable to help you go further

Each piece of clothing or fabric you wear has to be lightweight if you want to beat records in ultra-trail distances. That's why the RACE ULTRA was designed to be as lightweight and dynamic as possible in competitions, without compromising on comfort. The shoe's perfect balance of cushioning allows you to run for longer without thinking about your feet.

Still as much traction and grip:

  • All of our testers agreed: This RACE ULTRA provides powerful traction on all surfaces. The widely-spaced lugs prevent mud build-up. Gone is the fear of falling on dreaded muddy downhills!
  • The chosen rubber provides great grip for running on smooth, wet or slippery rock.

A slightly wider forefoot for greater comfort.

  • Feet tend to swell over long distances, uneven or high-altitude terrain. The forefoot of the RACE ULTRA has been slightly enlarged to retain freedom of movement without compressing the toes.
  • Tips for recovering from swollen feet after an ultra-trail run, from our trail running team:
  • - Alternate between hot and cold foot baths to activate blood flow.
  • - Massage the calves to speed up venous return.

A shoe that withstands the Diagonale des Fous race

Our Evadict product manager and former French trail running champion, Thierry, wore these RACE ULTRA shoes during the entire Diagonale des Fous 2019 race for 33 hours. "These shoes are high-performance and comfortable. I actually ran the race with a single pair of shoes, whereas many ultra-trail runners change their shoes during the race".

A shoe that adapts to all stride types!

K-Only is a concept exclusive to Decathlon running brands that makes our trail shoes suitable for every stride type thanks to the denser foam located under the first metatarsus.

Performance-oriented design

  • Our design team gave the RACE ULTRA an aggressive style, represented by the highly visible lugs on the sides and front of the shoe. It is specialised for ultra-trail performers, the specific footwear volume providing better support.
  • The RACE ULTRA offers dynamic propulsion for more speed. Take on advanced technical trails!

Once you've done your laces up, forget about them!

  • There is nothing more irritating than having to waste time doing your laces up during your trail run. The RACE ULTRA features laces that are thinner at the front and expand when laced up. The laces are easier to tighten and remain perfectly tied with a single knot.
  • Smart bonus: Tuck your laces away in the pocket on the tongue to avoid any awkwardness when running.

Runner weight:

Up to 85 kg